Roland D-10
 Multi Timbral Linear Synthesizer


Roland D-10 Streamlined version of the classic D-50 series. Simplified synth engine but multitimbral, and still with many features, including effects and on-board PCM drum machine.

The Roland D-10 offers many classic L.A. (Linear Arithmetic) sounds, including excellent vox and string pads, organs, basses and FX.

The D-10

Roland D-10 audio demos

Roland D-10 factory demo songs:

1 Macho Memory

2 Jah May Kah

3 Sugar Plum

4 My Brother

5 Folk

6 Bumble Dee

7 Mergatroid

8 Dinner Set

Chain of Songs (all eight songs above in chain mode)



Factory Patch Demos

Patch audio demo My comments
A11 Warm Pad Fade Wonderful string pad, very analog-sounding
A12 Steam Pad Classic '80s steam pad
A13 Sigh in Big City Reminiscent of certain Oberheim / Lyle Mays '70s sounds
A14 Warm Ensemble Classic L.A. synthesis strings
A15 Inner Wood Cool L.A. sound
A16 Hollow Koto Nice Japanese instrument
A17 Brassy Vox Very cool 1980s style digi-pad
A18 Ensemble Series Layers
A21 Rich Piano The typical L.A. piano sound
A22 Elec Piano A bit like the Yamaha CP series
A23 Touch Piano  
A24 Synth Piano  
A25 Honky-Tonk Piano Classic out of tune upright
A26 Funky Clav  
A27 Rich Harpsichord  
A28 Pick Guitar  
A31 Bright Brass Typical brass of the '80s
A32 Soft Brass  
A33 Big ol' Brass  
A34 Fighting Brass  
A35 Trumpet Section  
A36 Trombone Section  
A37 Low Brass  
A38 Velo-Brass  
A41 Joyful Times  
A42 Vibe Strings  
A43 Fantasy Bell Wonderful rendition of the Roland D-50 classic first preset, "Fantasia"
A44 Harmonicity  
A45 Chatter Glasses  
A46 Ice Rains  
A47 Rich Wood  
A48 Echo Bell  
A51 Fat Lead Fat and analog
A52 Square-Wave Lead  
A53 Brassy Lead  
A54 Bright Power  
A55 Bend me 5ths Yep
A56 Clav+Organ Lead  
A57 Metalized Dist  
A58 Neat Lead Fusion like
A61 Native Dance Pt2 Variation on the classic D-50 factory sound
A62 Nightmare  
A63 Velo-Oct Synth  
A64 Resonance Sweep  
A65 Fat Synth Bass  
A66 Fretless Bassolo  
A67 Vari Chopper  
A68 Timbass  
A71 Balinese Hit  
A72 Shiny Steel Drum  
A73 Ethnic Session  
A74 Japanese Duo  
A75 Wadaiko  
A76 Sho  
A77 Koto  
A78 Shamisen  
A81 Bubble Perc  
A82 Drop Hit  
A83 Timbales  
A84 Conga Set Realistic congas
A85 Metal Drum  
A86 Cave'n Drum  
A87 Cymbal Special  
A88 Drums Set  
B11 Tenor Voices  
B12 Voxy Women Sing My favorite patch on the Roland D-10 - a beautiful syn vox, quite Fairlight-style
B13 Breath Choir  
B14 Chorale Strings  
B15 Atmosphere  
B16 Goodnight  
B17 New Age Harp  
B18 Panning Echo Excellent use of the stereo spread
B21 Crystal Celesta  
B22 Xylocken Mallet  
B23 Southern Wind  
B24 Tropical Mallet  
B25 Native Perc  
B26 Hammer Bells  
B27 Bell Celesta Beautiful bells, typical L.A. sound
B28 Tiny Hammer  
B31 Bowed Strings  
B32 Violin-Strings  
B33 Cellist  
B34 Contrabass-Cello  
B35 Rain Harp  
B36 Pizzicato  
B37 X-mod Strings  
B38 Deep Ana-Strings Beautiful analog'ish string pad
B41 Elec Organ Classic Hammond sound
B42 Rotor Organ with rotor "Leslie" at fast position
B43 Hall Organ  
B44 Pforgan  
B45 Moss Organ  
B46 Str-organ  
B47 Rock'nRoll EG  
B48 Harmonica Very good emulation
B51 Concert Flute  
B52 Flute-Piccolo  
B53 Pan Pipes  
B54 Breath Ensemble  
B55 Sax Duo  
B56 Master Clarinet  
B57 Bassoon-Oboe  
B58 Blow Pipes  
B61 Brass Combo  
B62 Ac-Bass & Vibe Useful and realistic split
B63 Synth Combo  
B64 Acoustic Club  
B65 Funky Slapping  
B66 SpSax + FrlsBass  
B67 Tango Passion  
B68 Hoppin' Poppin  
B71 Orchestra Hit  
B72 Go Against  
B73 Resound Big''B''  
B74 Water Bells  
B75 Jungle Tune  
B76 Lonely Wolf Cool!
B77 Tweeting Bird Realistic!
B78 Insects Sing  
B81 Attack Attack  
B82 Office Operator  
B83 Scene of Battle  
B84 Very Busy  
B85 One Note Jam The typical loops in the Roland D-series ROM
B86 Stormy Sunday  
B87 Ironworks  
B88 Seashore  


11 8Beat 1

Classic Rock / Pop rhythm

12 8Beat 2


13 8Beat 3


14 8Beat 4


15 8Beat 5


16 8Beat 6


17 Ballad


18 Reggae


21 16Beat 1


22 16Beat 2


23 16Beat 3


24 16Beat 4


25 16Beat 5

Very '80s

26 16Beat 6


27 Shuffle 1


28 Shuffle 2


31 Disco 1


32 Disco 2


33 Elec Pop 1


34 Elec Pop 2


35 Jazz 1


36 Jazz 2


37 Jazz 3


38 Jazz Waltz


41 Samba 1


42 Samba 2


43 Samba 3


44 Bossanova 1


45 Bossanova 2


46 Mambo


47 Merengue


48 Rhumba































































88 empty pattern



Roland D-10 specs
Year of release: 1988
Polyphony: 32 (4 partials)
Sound generation method: L.A. synthesis / PCM
Preset memories Performances, Patches, Tones
MIDI: in, out, thru
Sound expansion capabilities: yes, via cards
Sequencer no
Arpeggiator no
Drum Machine yes
Velocity yes
Aftertouch yes

Roland D-10 photos (click on thumbnails to enlarge)

Roland D-10    Roland D-10    Roland D-10    Roland D-10

Roland D-10    Roland D-10    Roland D-10    Roland D-10

Roland D-10    Roland D-10    Roland D-10    Roland D-10

Roland D-10 manual

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