Apple GarageBand 2
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Apple GarageBand 2

Apple GarageBand is the famous recording software contained in the Apple Mac operating system.  It is a streamlined version of Logic but is still plenty capable, and the onboard sounds are very good.

In addition to be able to record up to eight audio tracks at the same time, GarageBand 2 offers "instrument" tracks with synthesizer-based and sampled sounds.

Also available are hundreds of very well-programmed audio and MIDI loops. 



Apple GarageBand 2 audio examples in mp3

Stream all audio examples below:


Sound name My comments
Deep Round Synth Bass Nice, fat synth bass
Fingerstyle Electric Bass Realistic electric bass
Fretless Electric Bass Expressive fretless bass
Muted Electric Bass The classic muted technique
Slapped Electric Bass Very good slapped bass, with velo-switch emulating sliding
Sub Synth Bass Very deep
Tight Synth Bass Cool "liquid" synth bass
Trance Bass Excellent sequence-bass with on-board delay
Upright Jazz Bass With realistic slide and noise fx
Drum Kits
Dance Kit Classic House-type drums
Hip Hop Kit The classic Roland TR-808 drum machine and other samples
Jazz Kit Realistic jazz drumset
Pop Kit Realistic drum set with tightly-tuned velo-switch snare
Rock Kit Standard drum set
Techno Kit Powerful Techno-style drums
Big Electric Lead Huge and realistic distorted guitar solo
Classical Acoustic Beautiful, expressive classical guitar, with gorgeous slide effect triggered by velocity-switch
Clean Electric The classic Fender Stratocaster, without effects
Electric Tremolo Electric guitar with beautiful tremolo effect
Nylon Shimmer Very nice acoustic guitar with effects
Steel String Acoustic  
Dub Horns cool reggae brass, with GarageBand's delay
Horn Section nice brass section, with velo-switch "fall"
Live Pop Horns A bit thin but ok
Pop Horn Section Good for '80s
Trumpet Section Okay
Aurora Bell Very digital-sounding, FM-like bells
Church Bell Classic bells
Music Box Okay
Jazz Organ realistic Hammond with simulated Leslie (again, GB's own effects)
Cathedral Organ Beautiful patch with nice rotary effect
Classic Rock Organ Typical "heavy" organ with Leslie of the 1970s
Pop Organ Chorused organ, very nice
Smooth Dance Organ Cool organ with plenty of modulation FX
Pianos and Keyboards
Electric Piano expressive Fender Rhodes, with nice "Suitcase" style tremolo (GB effect)
Grand Piano On Stage Beautiful grand piano program, optimized with a "stage" reverb and feel
Grand Piano Punchy Yep
Grand Piano Great-sounding, standard grand piano patch
Smokey Clav quintessential Hohner
Smooth Clav Classy Clavinet sound
Swirling Electric Piano classic 1980s treated electric piano
Whirly Okay Wurlitzer electric piano.  Nice tremolo effect
Hollywood Strings Full strings
Lunar Strings Fantastic, beautiful string pad
Orchestral Strings live string orchestra
Reflective Strings Very good "Tangerine Dream" style string-pad
Synth Basics
Circuit Dialog Moving S&H style synth pad
Constellation Ravishing, classic 1980s synth pad
Laser Shot Yup
Martian Lounge Classy electric piano, very beautiful
Modern Prophecy Fat, classic 1980s synth comp
Planetarium Wide, classic 1980s synth pop style
Sequence Element 1 typical sound-to-be-sequenced
Sequence Element 2 Solid analog comp-style synth
Space Harpsichord Digital bell
Star Sweeper Fat comp reso synth
Synth Leads
Arena Run Classic Minimoog-style lead synth
Blip Side Analog synth
Cheerful Trance Classic Trance "SuperSaw" style lead
Future Flute Nicely fx-treated flute
Moonbeam nice 5th synth lead
Ominous Dancefloor Yep
Riffy Fifths Skinny synth
Solo Star Nice synth with delays
Synchro Nice Typical oscillator-sync type of sound
Synth Pads
Angelic Organ Delicate "liquid" pad
Aquatic Sunbeam Marvelous, quintessential soft analog fluffy pad
Cloud Break Beautiful analog-style pad
Cosmic Reflection Sublime, melancholic distant pad - perfect for Ambient music
Ethereal Sunrise Elegant digital sound
Falling Star classic resonant synth pad
Floating Embers a very nice, moving pad
Hovering Machine VA (Virtual Analog) style
Mercury Wash nice digi-pad
Metropolis nice LFOed sound, very 1980s
Silicon Strings gorgeous anastrings
Swirling Droplets Good
Synth Textures
Imperia Pad Powerful, modern "Access Virus-trance" VA style synth
Berneray Chill Digital and powerful
Bondi Breath classic "Fairlight style" vox pad
Boscobel Blips nice velo-switch bouncy reso pad
Casuarina Cascade Entrancing, beautiful sweeping synth pad
Cleopatra Chord Modern dance synth
Coronados Brass plenty of fx on this brass
Devja Delays Cool bouncy synth
Fiji Afterglow Interesting vocal-style synth
Fontelina Fifths The Digital Empire.
Gorai Atmosphere Very nice atmospheric synth, perfect for ambiences
Inhaca Pulse Zingy synth
Ithaca Vox Nice synth vox
Izmir Ambience Gorgeous ambient drone, perfect for soundtracks / sci-fi / horror
Kotu Chords Happy dance synth
Lalaria Pad Beautiful analog string pad
Manori Stabs nice VA style sound
Molokai Melodies Nice
Muscat Pluck nice synth bass, a bit in 4-operator Yamaha FM style
Mykonos Movements "Scary" fx synth
Nakamal Bass classic analog synth bass
Negril Bass a nice dancey synth
Negril Sweep very nice resonant filters
Ornos Brass '80s synth brass
Patara Echoes Sweet echoed synth
Rawaii Riffer Superb dance synth
Rotuma Bells Nice distant bells
Samoa Sweep Fabulous reso pad
Sandoway Ricochet classic "Paradise style" nature pad
Sanur Shimmer Outstanding evolving ambient pad
Serena Swirl another great ambient pad
Skye Breath Marvelous voxy pad
Solomon Sync a bit 1990s
Temae Delay Very nice delay synth
Tonga Surround Nice Paradise-style nature pad
Tula Bass solid dance bass
Veradero Shimmer Nice digital shimmering pad
Versova Pad wide '80s analog pad
Zanzibar Chords classic 1990s "envelope pitch up" chordal synth



And here are some of the Apple loops available in GarageBand:

Loop name My comments

80s Dance Bass Synth 06

Classic 1980s synth brass line

Acoustic Noodling 01

Typical Simon & Garfunkel-style loop

Acoustic Picking 01

Typical ballad-style acoustic guitar

Alternative Rock Bass 02

Nice bass line played with the pick

Blues Guitar 02

Quintessential Blues-Rock guitar

Blues Harmonica 01


Bongo Groove 01

nice and fast

Ceramic Drum 03


Chordal Synth Pattern 01

nice dance synth loop

Classic Rock Beat 02

slower drum beat

Classic Rock Fretless 01


Classic Rock Guitar 01

nice distorted guitar pattern

Club Dance Beat 006

solid House pattern

Club Dance Beat 007

Nice reverberation on the claps

Conga Groove 04


Contemplative Synth 01

Gorgeous ambient synth line

Cool Upright Bass 02


Cop Show Clav 05

the typical Hohner Clavinet through wah-wah / filter

Crowd Applause 01

they liked it

Dance Floor Pattern 02

Modern synth arpeggio

Dance Floor Pattern 39

Modern synth arpeggio variation

Deep House Dance Beat 01

nice and flanged House beat

Djembe 02


Eastern Santoor 01


Edgy Rock Guitar 06


Edgy Synth 01

Nasty distorted synth

Electric Slap 01

classic slap

Exotic Beat 03

Fantastic 1990s loop

Exotic Sarod 01


Folk Mandolin 08

reminds of 1970s Progressive Rock for some reason

Funky Electric Guitar 07

the classic electric guitar through wah-wah pedal

Groovy Electric Bass 01

nice and groovy

Indian Tabla 01


Latin Lounge Beat 01

excellent percussion loop

Live Edgy Drums 02

funky, funky

Lounge Jazz Drums 01

typical mid-tempo jazz drum loop

Lounge Vibes 02

nice and deliciously 1960s

Mediaval Flute 01

nice medieval flute riff

Middle Eastern Oud 01

nice oud

Modern Rock Drums 01

powerful and in a nice room

Modern Rock Guitar 06

typical guitar riff

Modern Rock Guitar 14


Modern Rock Guitar 26


Motown Drummer 01

Typical Motown-style rhythm of the 1960s

Motown Drummer 16

another typical Motown-style rhythm of the 1960s

Natural Drum Kit 01

nice 6/8 beat

Nordic Keyed Fiddle 01


Office Sound Effect 01

famous sample

Orchestra Brass 01


Orchestra Strings 03

melancholic string pattern

Orchestra Strings 04


Picked Steel String 04

wonderful "Mamas & Papas" style '60s guitar

Pop Piano 02

typical '70s style piano man riff

RnB Horn Section 01

very nice and useful for several genres

Rock Bass 01


Rock Guitar Riff 02

a bit in the vein of Radiohead

Rural Banjo 02


Sci Fi Texture 03


Secret Agent Guitar 01

Superb, classic spy sound of the 1960s

Shaker 01


Southern Rock Bass 03


Strummed Acoustic 01

standard and useful

Synthbass Sequence 01

Techno style

Tambourine 01

standard and useful

Texas Blues Guitar 01

excellent "Stevie Ray" style pattern

Upright Funk Bass 06


Vintage Funk Kit 01

Excellent reproduction of the classic breakbeats of the 1960s and 70s

Vintage Funk Kit 03

nice breakbeat!

Vinyl Scratch 02


Walking Upright Bass 01

super-useful , classic loop

Woody Latin Bass 01


World Agogo 01

perfect to add to any loop

World Drums 01

awesome percussion loop



Apple GarageBand 2 features




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