MPC Hip Hop to R&B waves
sample CD in mixed format - audio, .wav and .aiff


MIDI Mark Hip Hop to R&B Waves sample CD description

MPC Hip Hop to R&B waves is a mixed-mode sampling CD, featuring many excellent sounding percussive sounds.  The samples are obviously best used for hip-hop or r 'n' b, but can of course be used for many other genres.

As the title suggests, the sounds were compiled using original sounds sampled on the classic Akai MPC-60 sampling drum machine.  Then the sounds were "edited with analog and digital technologies for the fat sound".  That is a true statement!  The sounds are absolutely fat, full, and most of all, powerful.

A total of 1,300 samples are provided.  Basically, anybody buying this CD should have enough percussion material to last for several years.


Many of the "usual suspects" are present, including rap and house drums, Linn, 808 and 909, but the CD also includes several non-percussive sounds, such as vocals, guitar phrases, electric piano chords, special FX etc., useful to spice compositions up.

The CD also features a very useful .pdf file with a detailed description of all the sounds contained in the 52 audio tracks/mac-pc folders - bravo, MIDI Mark!

The recording quality is great, clean, and all samples are tastefully compressed/equalized, but conveniently left dry (a few samples have reverb, but not too many).


Track number / content (from included .pdf file) Audio example Comments
No. Name Length
Track No. 001 New Beat Kit
1 “FEMALEHU.AIFF” 0:00:00:25
2 “FILL-A.AIFF” 0:00:01:04
3 “GTRDINK.AIFF” 0:00:00:13
4 “H TR808-HH.AIFF” 0:00:00:10
5 “HORNUNDE.AIFF” 0:00:01:57
6 “HUHH#2.AIFF” 0:00:00:42
7 “HUHMALE1.AIFF” 0:00:00:51
8 “HYPEHIT1.AIFF” 0:00:00:22
9 “KIK 909SM.AIFF” 0:00:00:27
10 “KIKPLTED.AIFF” 0:00:00:08
11 “OHHHYEAH.AIFF” 0:00:01:26
12 “S JBSNR.AIFF” 0:00:00:11
13 “SHKR4B.AIFF” 0:00:00:42
14 “SNR SLIP.AIFF” 0:00:00:19
15 “SNRDYLAY.AIFF” 0:00:00:09
16 “SNRTRUEJ.AIFF” 0:00:00:26
17 “SUB_BOOM.AIFF” 0:00:00:60
18 “TAMBRINE.AIFF” 0:00:00:29
19 “TRILONG.AIFF” 0:00:00:29
20 “TRUMPETS.AIFF” 0:00:00:47
21 “YE LLL.AIFF” 0:00:01:54
MPC Hip Hop to R&B waves\track 1 Turn your sampler on, load the samples, sequence, and have fun!  This is what a typical track on the CD is arranged like.  There are 51 more more tracks like this, containing a total of 1,300 samples.


There are many drum sample CDs on the market, but for quality, number of samples and price, this is a strong contender.  MIDI Mark website: