Proteus FX
 Digital Expander Module

E-mu Proteus FX

This is the Proteus FX, one of the several incarnations of the extremely popular Proteus line of the late '80s/early '90s.

The Proteus FX is a revamped Proteus, that adds quality digital effects, and the orchestral samples of the Proteus 2 - all taken from the pristine library of E-mu's at-the-time flagship, the Emulator III.

This is a delightful machine, that improves the Rock/Pop tones of the original, adds an improved piano sound, and expands with carefully sampled orchestral patches.

The Proteus FX sounds polished, clean, and digital.

Of note is the inclusion (the original was in the Proteus/2) of a certain patch used in "The X-Files" theme  :-)   Read below for more...

Check out what it sounds like:


E-mu Proteus FX factory demo songs

Sequence 1  a classic early 1990s number

Sequence 2  beautiful digital sounds


E-mu Proteus FX audio demos

Bank 0

Stream all Bank 0 demos below


Program name with audio demo My comments
000 kbd - GrandPno An improved version of the Proteus grand piano
003 kbd - 7ftGrand Expressive grand
005 kbd - Roadz 1 Nice Fender Rhodes electric piano
016 org - VintgeB3 Nice emulation of the King Of All Keyboards, the Hammond B-3
021 org - PureTone Tasty '50s/'60s organ tone
024 gtr - EcoStrat Pristine Fender Stratocaster electric guitar
026 gtr - Acoustic Beautiful, full-bodied acoustic jumbo guitar
031 gtr - Lazy G Beautiful tone on this electric guitar patch
033 bas - & Harms The classic Proteus rock bass, with harmonics on the right side of the keyboard
040 str - Viol Duo Classical strings
041 str - BigViola More classical goodness.
042 str - BigCello Charming tone
046 str - 8va Pizz Pizzicato strings.
049 ens - Orchstra Ok
051 ens - Symphony Full symphonic orchestra.
052 ens - VoxHuman Charming choir
057 brs - MutedTpt Realistic trumpet with mute
058 brs - Trombone Always fun
069 red - Eng Horn Very realistic English horn
088 pad - Dark Syn Warm, rising pad
089 pad - Spiritu Classic early '90s pad
094 pad - Guidance Typical E-mu flavors
098 syn - Flashbak Killer sound fx!
113 drm - Wacky Punchy drums
122 sfx - Infinite Cool percussive fx


Bank 1

Stream all Bank 1 demos below


Program name with audio demo My comments
000 kbd - BritePno Classic '90s dance piano
013 prc - Submerge Pretty Asian atmospheres
027 gtr - Baroque Exquisite plucked instrument
034 bas - Fretles1 Expressive fretless bass
036 bas - BigBotm Killer synth bass
039 bas - Bad Boy Rap
040 str - Conductr Gorgeous, expressive violin!
045 str - PizVioln Pizzicato
047 str - Vienna Strings
048 ens - Melotron Nice Mellotron impression
054 ens - SloStrng Beautiful string ensemble
059 brs - T.O.P. Very cool big city swing band brass
073 pip - Chiffer Delightful flute
080 led - WynWoods A hint to Steve Winwood's use of lead synth
091 pad - Warm Up Ravishing warm, analog pad -
096 syn - echoist Beautiful, beautiful analog pad - the effects really help too.
097 syn - Mem Moog The powerful Proteus syn bass
108 eth - Lute The beautiful Baroque instrument
119 drm - WinChime Yep
120 sfx Sub Rosa In a Pink Submarine...
123 sfx - ByTheSea Oh yes.
125 sfx - Forestry Groovy ambience.



Bank 2

Stream all Bank 2 demos below


Program name with audio demo My comments
001 kbd - RoadHaus Classic rag piano
013 prc - Blok Hed Very cool wooden blocks
019 org - WarmTone Realistic organ of 1960s flavor
021 org - Accordia Hearty accordion
022 org - MouthHrp Harmonica
037 bas - Slapper Classic '80s FM slap bass
038 bas - LosAngel Powerful rap bass, late '80s
039 bas - Jupiter Inspired by the Roland series, perhaps?
049 ens - Quartet2 Classical string
051 ens - XtraSlow Full string section with slow attack and release
053 ens - StrayVox :-)
055 ens - OrchHit Typical 007-style orchestra
061 brs - Tijuana Excellent, realistic Herb Alpert style brass section
064 red - Sax&Mute Brassy and realistic
066 red - TenorSax Ok
080 led - Wissler A very famous preset - Mark Snow used this type of sound (originally on the Proteus/2 but this appears to be the same sample) for his melody line in "The X-Files Theme"
083 led - Medium Classic Minimoog lead
094 pad - Grunge Gritty digital patch
096 syn - Rain Beautiful patch, inspired by Roland's classic GM tone
098 syn - Phairest Classy
099 syn - PiPaBend Eastern feel
101 syn - Burma Glassy atmospheres
114 drm - RokKit2 Solid drum set, with nice reverb
127 sfx - Oh Heli Obligatory fx

Bank 3

Stream all Bank 3 demos below


Program name with audio demo My comments
001 kbd - PnoWinds Pretty
008 prc - Equinox Very good setup, with percussion on left, and choir on right
016 org - ToTheBar Very, very cool 1950s/1960s tiki lounge electric organ!
026 gtr - LapSteel Americana.
032 bas - FatSynth Yes
045 str - AhVienna More nice strings
051 ens - PeaceOrc Beautiful combination - a passionate oboe and orchestral strings
068 red - Spring Ok
085 led - SynSushi More Mini.
088 syn - LunaWind Voxy pad
092 syn - IceForst Different.

E-mu Proteus FX
Year of release: 1994
Polyphony: 32 voice
Sound generation method: PCM
Preset memories  
Sound expansion capabilities:  


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E-mu Proteus FX review with audio demo - September 29, 2008