Rap Techno Dance
Q card for the Alesis Quadra, S, and QS synthesizers

Alesis Rap Techno Dance Q Card

The "Rap Techno Dance" QuadraCard (later "Q Cards") was one of the original expansion cards produced for Alesis' first synthesizer, the QuadraSynth.

The Rap Techno Dance card is a 4MB PCMCIA ROM expansion and features 128 new Programs and 100 new Mixes for Alesis synthesizers.  The focus is obviously on the genres the card takes its name from, but it can be used for many other genres as well - Reggae, Lounge, Ambient for example.

The focus is on Dance and Rap, but there are plenty of waveforms to be modified for other genres as well.

Also featured are many classic drum loops, as it was common in the 1990s to sample from old vinyl records.

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Alesis Rap Techno Dance Q Card audio demos in mp3



Stream all Programs below

Program name with audio demo My Comments
00 ClubQuadra Excellent ensemble of classic dance sounds of the 1990s
01 AmberTranz Cool synth loop and classy orchestral strings
02 Phat Beat Yep
03 SteviesBss Influenced by Stevie Wonder's analog synth bass perhaps?
04 RavinSplit Happy, bouncy synths
05 Hi Hi Hi ! Ominous synth and a four-on-the-floor
06 Phunky Wah Groovy wah-wah guitar
06 TranceLoop Acid'y line
07 GosplSngrs Sampled vox
09 The 9 Kit The classic Roland TR-909
10 FatFunkFun Late 1970s coolness
100 TekSloDown Funk
103 33 1-3Bass Ka-boom contrabass
105 London1982 Last dance...
11 BookumDano Hawaii Five-O cops :-D
110 FastBubbl Morse code
112 SoFlyGruve Nice jungle beat
12 Jimmy Hat Classic late 1980s
121 HousePiano The always-wonderful, hyper-famous Korg M1 piano, king of 1990s House
125 BraynWayvz A psychedelic trip
13 Hyperactiv Warm and soft synth... to the stars!
14 AnalogueSp Plenty of analog goodness
15 Rezo Heck Huge resonant filter sound
17 HisBoyLRoy Classic "Stax" brass hits
19 The 8 Kit The classic Roland TR-808
20 SoulFinger Late '80s / early '90s British Acid Jazz!!!
21 TrippyTrnc Yeah
22 Jeep Beat Groovy bass and beat
27 Kick It!! Yes
29 Dis Kit 1 Juicy Dis(torted) drum kit
30 Bubble Kit Happening beat, and heavily processed Dance sounds
32 VinylGruve Da biz
39 Vinyl Kit1 Groovy sounds from the 1970s' vinyl records
40 VeryStreet Classic early 1990s rap
46 SugarGlide Classic Minimoog rap whistle sound
49 TeknoDrums Great drums that use the internal Alesis effect processor engine
54 FloydianSp Tasty Sp(lit) that combines Pink Floyd style sequenced analog synth on the left, and electric organ on the right
57 Fat Albert Yep
61 JJ's Theme Jumpy beat
64 Scaaaaary! Sci-fi monster
65 SandTrance Great to lay on top of a beat
69 Vinyl Kit2 NIce, solid mixed drums
72 70sCopShow Great '70s drum loop plus timpani
73 Pulse Bass Yes
76 SpaceRezLp Huge sampled analog synth resonance filter rising
79 SloppyDrms Great drums, very 1970s
80 CitySummer Slow groove, very nice
81 Hyper FIVE Probably sampled from the Prophet-5?
82 ChicosGruv Fast beat + percussion
91 HouseChord Mega-classic, M1-style House piano, sampled in chords
97 D R O N E Yay


Stream all Mixes below

Mix name with audio demo My Comments
00 House!!!!! All the usual suspects
01 AwesomeTek Nice delayed synth
02 QuadZilla! Bouncy
03 Dune Spacey
05 So.Central Great hip-hop setup, with scratch simulator on the right
09 Esquivel! Inspired by the great "Space Age Pop" lounge music arranger of the 1950s and 60s
27 LipoSucker Fast and furious
34 HigherLows Curiously "James Bondian" House
39 Loop-Bass5 Nod, nod, nod
46 Disco Diva Straight pumping beat and heavy toms
51 Droll Day Beautiful Trip-Hop setup
66 Ambient 2 Kind of scary...
73 DncinQueen Elektronic...
80 DJ Split10 Mid 1990s Happy Hardcore House
90 ThatsCrazy Very good, psychedelic setup
91 WenzDaGig Spacey
98 MachinTalk Work being performed on the space station


Features at a glance
Year of release: 1998
Polyphony: n/a
Presets: 128 Programs & 100 Mixes
Rhythms: yes
Keyboard: n/a
Responds to velocity: yes
Sound generation method: PCM
MIDI: n/a
Sound expansion capabilities: n/a
Effects: on host synth
Controls: n/a
Outputs: n/a
Display: n/a
Misc: 4MB of ROM


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Alesis Rap Techno Dance Q Card    Alesis Rap Techno Dance Q Card

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