Stereo Jazz Piano (ZA)
Expansion card

Alesis Stereo Jazz Piano Q Card       

This card is part of Alesis' "Soloist Series" expansion cards.

It provides a selection of great-sounding pianos - primarily for jazz, but we find also patches suitable for classical, variety, lounge, ballroom etc.

The quality and crispiness of the sampled material is very high.  The pianos are definitely modern sounding - the sound is more to the like of 1980s/90s say - Keith Jarrett or Michel Petrucciani tone - than - say, Oscar Peterson or Erroll Garner in the 1960s.

One interesting thing on this set, is that Alesis provides 64 patches tuned with the "Stretch Tuning" technique, and the other 64 tuned using the standard tuning.  For the examples below, I've used the "Stretch Tuning" set.

Check out the way it sounds here below.

Alesis Stereo Jazz Piano Q Card audio demos

Factory Demos:


00 Inyo Moon  by David Garfield . . . A lovely, intimate jazz ballad, modern

01 M.A.L. by Boris Wiedenfeld . . . Another great-sounding jazz number, more in the classic, 1960s era style


Individual Listening:


Program name with audio demo My comments
00 Warm&Clear Superb grand piano patch - perfect for jazz, all styles
04 Jazz Piano Modern-sounding grand piano, very crispy, lots of high - good for modern style jazz
07 Classic Beautiful grand piano tone, in a very nice ambient
12 Wash Grand Good for ballads
17 BrtClassic Versatile
24 PianoTrail Perfect for the Pop genre
40 OctavePno1 Cool
45 Saloony Typical out of tune piano
46 Player Pno Gorgeous! The automatic piano, aka "pianola"
58 Thaw Beautiful patch useful for Ambient music, such as the one made by Brian Eno and Harold Budd



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