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The successor to the A3000.  The A4000 (and its bigger brother, the A5000) is an exquisite-sounding sampler.  It's truly a powerhouse and comes with a very large library of sounds on CD-ROMs.  This line of samplers came out in 1999, just before the soft synth and soft sampler craze started.  The on-board effects in particular, make this machine very unique, and its "sonic character" is warm, imparting some sort of "analogness" to sounds sampled into it.

This sampler was embraced by the dance community - especially because features like loop divide, and the numerous great-sounding effects make it especially adept to House, Dance, Techno and Trance.

Yamaha A4000 audio demos in mp3

The Yamaha A4000 comes with four demo floppy disks, and several CD-ROMs full of sounds:


Demonstration floppy disk 1 ''A4000-A5000'' - A presentation of the on-board filters, functions and FX

Demonstration floppy disk 2 ''Rainkiss'' - A nice dance track, typical late '90s style.  I hear some Mr. Oizo influences

Demonstration floppy disk 3 ''A-Dream'' - A great Trance tune

Demonstration floppy disk 4 ''CheckMe!'' - A powerful hip-hop number


Stream all audio demos below:

Preset name with audio demo My comments
Piano / Keyboards (from the included Factory CD-ROM PSLCD-101)
Piano / Keys / Synth
Clav1 Respectable Clavinet sound.
ClosMono Awesome close-miked grand piano, in mono.  Jazzy and intimate.
CS1 1a The CS-01 was a great little Yamaha analog synthesizer.
CS1 1g variant of the above
Ep1 Tine Beautiful sampled Fender Rhodes.  Very expressive.
Ep2 Reed Typical Wurlitzer electric piano.
GRND1  A Very good grand piano sound.
GRND1  B Beauty.
GRND2  A Melancholic, distant piano.
GRND2  E "Prepared" piano, very Eno, with plenty of FX.
Harpsi11 Well-sampled harpsichord.
M Sq Pad Moog type pad.
Sb M 1a Moog synth bass.  Powerful!
Sb UGLY Yes, it is ugly!
Sw 1a Excellent resonant filter.
Sw 1d Great band-pass filter.
BwRotar B with Rotary. Awesome piercing hard-bop/jazz-funk Hammond B-3 organ.
BwVb R-P As above, with Vibrato, Rotary and Percussion.  A great Leslie emulation.  Mod wheel controls speed as usual.
Fa Br Farfisa bright.  Classic '60s combo organ sound.
Fa Wah Farfisa through filter / wah pedal.  Extremely psychedelic.
Ful Per4 All the drawbars out, percussion.  Classic '60s sound.  Pardon my rendition of "Windmills of your mind".. :-)
Ful-nCli Drawbars full out, key click, Leslie.  Great for that "Here's to you" Morricone song.
Ji Rotar Awesome Jimmy Smith organ sound.
JV-nClic Jimmy + vibrato and click - Great ballad sound!
Or11 Argent Classic Rod Argent '60s sound.
Guitar / Bass (from the included Factory CD-ROM PSLCD-102)
ALM Fing Groovy fingered bass.
JazzBrg1 Jaco-ey, at the bridge.
NylonGt1 Nice Spanish guitar.
PdlStel1 Cool pedal steel.
Brass / Wind Instruments (from the included Factory CD-ROM PSLCD-103)
Bari Cool baritone sax
BrEn2Rm1 Realistic brass ensemble
Wind Instruments
Alto Fl Sweet flute
Legato Flute with great ambient reverb/echo
TenorSax Nice tenor sax
Tuned Percussion
Glocken Great and realistic glockenspiel
Strings / Choir (from the included Factory CD-ROM PSLCD-104)
Strings 1
St11 Ens1 f Solid string section - very Vivaldi.
St31 VnEns s Highly expressive section.
St23 Sweet Mn Beautiful legato violins - big at 30+MB
St24 Solo m Outstanding, soulful violin sound, great to play both staccato and legato.
Ch10 Ooh-Aah Classy, beautifully recorded choir. The modulation wheel switches from Oohs to Aahs.
Ch21 GosplAah Breathy and solemn.
Real Drums (from the included Factory CD-ROM PSLCD-105)
Ambient Kit Very realistic sounding "studio drums", with room ambience.  Excellent.
Economy Kit Tight drums with no ambience.
Funk Kit Loose funky drums - pro all the way..
Studio Kit Incredibly realistic. Lots of layers, clean sound, long decays.
Tiny Kit A perfectly respectable rock kit.
74 bpm Assortment of useful, slow loops.
84 bpm More loops, a bit faster.
120 bpm Great drummer!
World / Latin Instruments (from the included Factory CD-ROM PSLCD-106)
Arabic & Gamelan
Arabic Ashut Very cool finger cymbals
Arabic Dhohola Nice middle-eastern percussion
Arabic Mazhar Typical Arabic sounds
Gamelan Anklung Great!
Gamelan Kajahru Gamelan orchestras
China & Japan
China Ban Gu China
China Shau Lou More China
Japan Oh Daiko Typical Japanese percussion
Berimbau The great Brazilian instrument
Cuica The other great Brazilian instrument
Syntraxx / Loops (from the included Factory CD-ROM PSLCD-201)
BDLp134D Cool drum loop
Equi Lp Great analog loop taken from Yamaha's AN technology
Fuzz Lp Tight sequenced razor synth.
Hook1 Great trance lead.  It doesn't much fatter than this!
Strg1 Beautiful, beautiful synth strings.
SynTraxx Nice acid line
XP-Brass Powerful '80s synbrass
DJ / Producer Tool Kit (from the included Factory CD-ROM PSLCD-202)
COSMOJET Standard techno lead
ORIENT Beautiful and enchanting oriental-sounding pad
REZO LD Powerful techno lead
Rhythm Kit 1 Extremely well produced dance kit
Rich Ld Classic trance lead
SF PAD Mysterious pad
SPLT PAD A raw synth on the left, and a haunting pad on the right
TchMd_02 Sounds like the movie Predator
Standards - Yamaha Professional Studio Library
AmbKitBr Powerful room ambiance kit.
DrkGndFF Piano with a "sad" quality.
DryKit Tight and powerful
SolStr1 The classic string machine, the Solina.

The A4000 also comes with a CD containing software and the rest of the tracks are high-quality samples taken from popular sample CDs, from noted sample manufacturer AMG.


Yamaha A4000 pictures (click to enlarge)


Yamaha A4000 Manual

Available at http://www.yamaha.com

Features at a glance
Year of release: 1999
Sound generation method: sampling
Polyphony: 64
Presets: n/a
Keyboard: n/a
Responds to velocity: yes
Aftertouch yes
MIDI: in, out, thru
Sound expansion capabilities: yes - via CD-ROMs, hard drives etc.
Effects: yes
Controls: rotary knobs




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