synth/theremin/sound effect generator




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Preset name with .mp3 demo My comments
00 Chopper Apocalypse now!
01 Android Choir Nice digital syn-choir
02 Beat Machine Excellent TR-808 type drums
03 FM Typical FM warp
04 Didgiri-Don't A didgeridoo virtuoso
05 Oberon Swell Great distorted digital lead
06 Demon Pad From the gates of hell..
07 Star Chime Nice happy hardcore sound
08 C-Saw Very expressive analog monosynth sound
09 Air-amin Typical Theremin sound
10 Radio Bass Interference
11 Free Bass Korg MS-20 like.
12 Distorted Annoyance Yep - that's what it is ;-)
13 Chewie Singing robot
14 LFO Abuse Awesome expressive sound - tremolo speed varies by moving hand
15 Pet Sounds The classic sound used by the Beach Boys in their hit "Good vibration"
16 Square-amin A square-wave variation of the Theremin
17 Ther-FM-in A FM variation of the Theremin
18 Supergrowl Sci-Fi, Star-Trek
19 Robo-Vox Robot dog
20 Water Drum Cool percussion!!!
21 Clockwork Bell Hypnotic computer music
22 Ring Wood Cute xylophone
23 Plink A plastic tube being hit
24 Broken Chime Exactly
25 Yo-Yo Drum Great elastic drums
26 Boom-Boom Chik More 808 goodness
27 One Hand Clapping Clap clap
28 Time Bells Awesome for sci-fi soundtrack FX
29 Cyber Chant Outstanding sound!!! A chatty android!
30 Off The Dial WWII radio sounds
31 Soul Craft Choo-choo train of the future!
32 Water Torture Fantastic!
33 Ishara The perfect FX sound for natural disasters
34 Vega Transmission Spot-on Star Trek sounds
35 Whispering Wind Weird wind
36 Phoneme-anon Super cool! Another android, this time he's old and sick
37 Idle Growl At the races
38 Gunplay Chinese New Year
39 Processing... Typical -fake- computer processing sound
40 Soap Dish Awesome 'analogue bubble bath' ;-)
41 Sabre Tooth The aliens are mad
42 Bongo Beat Very, very cool!  Roland CR-78 sounds
43 Caloopso Yep
44 Walking Bass Contrabass
45 Jungle Boogie Great rhythms can be programmed on this machine.
46 Auto-Bass Pseudo Roland SH-101 meets TB-303
47 Auto-Melody Another analog sequence
48 Auto-Techno Classic early '90s techno sound
49 Auto-Pop '80s style
-- Global Tempo  


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Alesis airSynth manual

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Features at a glance
Year of release: 200_
Polyphony: n/a
Sound generation method:  
Preset memories 50
MIDI: no
Sound expansion capabilities: no
Sequencer sort of
Arpeggiator sort of
Effects no
Touch sensitivity n/a
Aftertouch n/a




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