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Preset Pattern name with .mp3 demo My comments
A09 EuroTrance 9 Classic Euro style dance pattern - very pretty with that piano.  I wouldn't call this Trance, though, but EuroDance.
A13 Progressive 3 Nice sequenced synth in 16ths.
A19 Psy Trance 3 Awesome, dark and powerful Psy Trance pattern.
A23 HardTrance 2 Plenty of cool synth sounds.
A33 Trance 7 Nice
A37 DetroitTechno 4 Nice early Techno style.
A41 Minimal 2 Reminds of Plastikman.
A50 New Electro 4 Very cool modern-sounding synths.  Very "Roland".
A51 Ambient 1 Trippy, spaced-out Orb sounds.
A55 NU-NRG 1 Aggressive and excellent Techno style.
A62 EuroBeat 3 Awesome pattern reminding of the classic early '90s Euro Dance style (Haddaway, Corona, Rozalla etc.)
A64 HappyHardcore 2 Cool British style.
A66 Gabba 1 Super aggressive gabber pattern.
A70 UK HardHouse 2 Hypnotic and very intriguing pattern!
A77 US HardHouse 1 Excellent.
A85 Chicago House 1 Techno a go-go.
A88 Filter Disco 2 A la Daft Punk
B01 House 13 Early House style, M1 piano included.
B03 Garage House 2 Cool, elegant and classy NY dance pattern.
B08 2Step 1 Classy British style.
B16 R&B 3 Modern and different-sounding pattern.
B32 HipHopEast 5 Awesome drum programming.
B38 G-Funk 1 Nice "wormy" synth.
B47 Abstruct 6 Very actual and cool.
B49 Drum'n'Bass 2 Typical example of the famous British style.


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