DK 80
 Dynamic Bitimbric Synthesizer


The SIEL DK 80 is a nice mid-level synth from 1985.  It features:
- 12 voices
- Double sound generation
- Dynamic keyboard
- Advanced MIDI functions
- 87 programmable parameters
- Up to 150 programs on line
- 2-track real time polyphonic MIDI sequencer.

The "sonic character" of the DK 80 is very nice and interesting, and it's a classic "hybrid" with DCOs and VCFs/VCAs.  Still, it's capable of very powerful and "fat & gluey" sounds.

The DK 80 can also have an optional pedalboard, called "PD 80" which features two pedals:  the one on the left is programmable, and the one on the right is dedicated to Sustain.  A great setting for the left pedal is to "scroll" the patch programs, because - in pure mid-80s style - one needs to select the program with the keypad and then press "Enter".  With the left pedal, it's much quicker to go through the programs to play / check them out.  It's also great for live use.

The left pedal can be assigned to:

- Start/Stop of the sequencer,
- Program Up
- Key Data To MIDI


SIEL DK 80 audio demos

Resident factory sounds

Stream all examples from the Resident factory sounds


Patch name with audio demo

My comments
00 PIANO 1 A respectable piano sound, typical of the analog synth engine capabilities of the era (mid-1980s)
01 E-PIANO Wonderful Fender Rhodes electric piano sound, with the "body" of the sound on channel A, and the "bell" component on ch. B.
02 FAT BRASS Fat synth brass, typical of the era
03 STRINGS 1 Very nice, typic al DCO-based strings
04 SYNTH CHOP Gluey comp synth
05 FLUTE Nice emulation of a flute sound, with the "body" of the sound on channel A, and the "breathy" component on channel B.
06 TROMBONE Nice rendition of the real instrument.
07 ORGAN 1 Very cool Hammond organ emulation, with a bit of percussion.  Very "1960s lounge" style.
08 BASS & BRASS Quintessential 1980s split - Synth bass on the left, synth brass on the right.  Classic!
09 TWIN PIANOS A sparkly digi-piano patch.
10 PIANO 2 Variation on the piano sound, very elegant and hypnotic...
11 SYNTH PIANO Awesome "synthy" piano sound, with great resonant filter LFO action.
12 BRASS Nice, full-bodied horn / brass patch.
13 STRINGS 2 Gorgeous string ensemble patch.
14 SYNTH 1 Beautiful synth patch, perfect for many applications.  Very nice VCF on board.
15 LEAD SYNTH 1 Gluey synthesizer lead patch!
16 MARIMBA The typical, omnipresent 1980s marimba patch.
17 ORGAN 2 Another very cool organ sound.  The filter LFO emulates the Leslie a bit.
18 ENSEMBLE & BRASS Classic mix of string and brass ensembles.
19 PANNING STRINGS Classy, analog strings.
20 OLD TIME PIANO The typical "honky tonk" piano sound.
21 PIANO & ENSEMBLE Hypnotic and beautiful piano + pad patch.
22 BRASS 5TH The classic "Keith Emerson" synth sound.
23 STRINGS 3 Pizzicato string analog emulation.
24 SYNTH 2 Gorgeous synthesizer pad, very beautiful and hypnotic!
25 PAN FLUTE Typical "breathy" flute sound, with the body of the sound on channel "A" and the breathy part on channel "B".
26 MUSETTE Very nice French musette type patch.
28 BASS & PIANO One of the most classic and usefu splits in keyboardland.
29 ENSEMBLE & PIANO Beautiful mix of synth ensemble and digi-piano
30 SYNTH 3 Hypnotic synthesizer patch
31 SPATIAL BRASS Wide, gently panning analog synth brass
32 SWEEP Organ, meet helicopter.
33 CELLOS Yep.
34 CLARINET Very nice emulation.
35 BASS 1 Typical 1980s ana-digi synth bass.
36 ENSEMBLE & SOLO Cool split with organ on the left and square solo synth on the right.
38 CELLO & VIOLIN Full and realistic-sounding classical strings.
39 SYNTH & LEAD Another classic split - with synth on the left and lead on the right.




SIEL DK 80 specs
Year of release: 1985
Polyphony: 12 voices
Sound generation method: analog
Preset memories 40 ROM + 10 RAM, 50 + 100 on RAM card
MIDI: in, out, thru
Sound expansion capabilities: no
Sequencer yes
Arpeggiator no
Velocity yes
Aftertouch no


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SIEL DK 80 manual




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SIEL DK 80 review with audio demo - May 22, 2011