Electribe S ES-1
Rhythm Production Sampler




This box is the bomb!  I am very fond of "lower grade" samplers, because of the characteristics they add to samples.  One of my favorite samplers is still my Roland W-30, which samples at a maximum of 30kHz - very similar to this little Korg sampler.

The ES-1 is part of the first wave of Electribes, together with the ER-1 drum machine, and EA-1 synth.  It is a rhythm sampler, very immediate and easy to use.  The on-board effects are phenomenal, especially the most "extreme" ones like Ring Modulation, Distortion, and Decimator.  The separate Delay is musical and lends itself very well to electronica styles.

The concept of Motion Sequence is superb, and it's possible to record and play back your edits and "tweaks" in real time -

The sampling memory is a generous 90 seconds.  I know that this doesn't sound much in these days of gigabyte-streaming soft-samplers, but compared to old school samplers, is certainly more than adequate... plus, this is not meant to be a full fledged sampler, but a sampling drum machine, so the majority of sounds you will load in it will be extremely small drum, percussion and effect samples...

It's now been superseded by the ES-1 MkII and the new ESX1, but it's definitely a very useful piece of equipment.


Korg ES-1 audio demos

Here are the three on-board demo songs. 


S01 Heavenly Beatbox

S02 DJ's Don't Dance

S03 Souped Up House

Korg ES-1 Factory Patterns


Stream all mp3 examples below

Pattern name with audio demo My comments
A01 Hardstep Classic Drum 'n' Bass pattern
A02 Darkside Variation on the above, with typical sub-bass line
A03 Crumb and Mace Here the Motion Sequence is used to great effect to obtain the "robot" drum fx, via the Delay unit
A04 Sizing it Up Super pattern reminiscent of Roni Size style (contrabass line)
A05 Tribal Step Nice and happy Drum 'n' Bass
A06 Mad Walking Bass Another superb Roni Size influenced pattern
A07 Cyber Funk Superb rhythm programming and cool robotic effects
A08 Rave Jump Up Cool D 'n' B
A09 Filter Bass Fantastic pattern that employs Motion Seq to control the Resonant Filter effect in real time... starting from an innocuous synth bass sample
A10 Dark & Cyber Another fine D 'n' B loop
A11 Boosted Jazz Interesting and powerful
A12 Flangungle Very good Drum 'n' Bass pattern utilizing the Flanger unit
A13 Digimix Happy mix
A14 Steppa Modern D 'n' B style
A15 Bass Jacks Very nice House style
A16 Tek House Sensational Deep House pattern
A17 Tribal House Nice breakbeat
A18 Phased House The great Phaser on board
A19 Crazy House Crazy bass ;-)
A20 Garage House Phenomenal Garage House pattern
A21 System “R” Excellent programming, Kraftwerkian, robotic
A22 Tech Garage Another great House pattern
A23 Two Step The typical British style
A24 Warped Two Step Variation
A25 Deep Space Showcasing the beautiful Delay on the ES-1
A26 Sweep Trance Charming late 90s/early 2000s Trance
A27 Epic Trance Classic "hands-in-the-air" Anthem Trance
A28 Barealic Harder Ibiza
A29 Minimal Very good, classic minimal Techno
A30 Breakbeats Trance Nice snare programming
A31 Psychedelic Very busy
A32 Filter Breakbeats Love that ES-1 Resonant Filter
A33 Distorted Slice Superb Techno pattern
A34 Machine Music Powerful Techno
A35 Boom Room Reminiscent of certain Kraftwerk atmospheres, mixed with more modern Electro
A36 Hardcore Electro Definitely Hardcore!
A37 Can We Come Up Nice 16-beat
A38 Glow Stix Classic Rave style
A39 Brooklyn Style Fine Techno
A40 DJ Hop Psychedelic Hip-Hop here
A41 Wah Hop Very nice guitar line utilizing the on-board Wah-Wah
A42 R&B Vibe Mellow and good
A43 Muddy Hop Hard
A44 Rock’n’Hop Harder
A45 Hum Ring Swinging cool
A46 Baggy Pants Fantastic, classic Gangsta Rap pattern
A47 Bristol Beat British Hip-Hop variation
A48 Swingy Breakz Regular beat
A49 B-Boy Nice old-school rhtyhtm
A50 Future Jazz Very nice and jazzy
A51 Boomy Big Beat Nice Big Beat
A52 Pushin’ Cool Acid line
A53 Rollicking Breakz Awesome beat programming ;-)
A54 Sweep Rockin’ Beats A nod to the Chemical Brothers :-)
A55 Big Red Beets More Big Beat
A56 Spot Abstract
A57 Hardcore BreakBeat Can you say "distort"?
A58 Digital Punk Evil!
A59 Expanded Onion Love the name, and the 303 line
A60 Xplosive In a tin can
A61 Rx Bros. Another tribute to the great Chemical Brothers
A62 Industrial Yep
A63 Latin Funk Great congas!
A64 African Desert Stupendous caravan in the Sahara



Korg ES-1 specifications


Year of release: 2000
Sound generation method: PCM
Preset memories  
Sound expansion capabilities: load/save samples via SmartMedia card
Sequencer yes
Arpeggiator no
Effects yes


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Korg ES-1 manuals

available at www.korg.com   



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