Hot & Sweaty House Cuts Volume One
audio sample CD

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Large Productions Hot & Sweaty House Cuts features

The tracks on this sample CD:

Track number Description
1 Demo
2-31 Drum Loops
32-38 Percussion Loops
39 Rolls
40-45 Synth Bass Lines
46-53 Guitar
54-67 Synth Lines & FX
68-71 Misc. Instruments
72-79 Vocal Hooks
80-86 Stabs & FX
87-93 Drum Hits
94 Test Tone



Great cover :-)

This is a solid House/Dance sample CD by producer DJ Papa Large.  All the usual suspects are there, including drum loops (30 tracks of them), percussion loops, synth bass lines, vocal hooks, special effects, single drum hits, and more.

This came out in 1996, so some of the samples are a bit dated, but as a whole, it's still a valid addition to the electronic dance producer toolkit.  Distributed by AMG.

Large Productions Hot & Sweaty House Cuts audio examples


Demo - the CD demo - a classic mid-90s, upbeat House track (although it throws me off a bit... something weird with the percussion and the tempo, like it's reversed).

Track_7 - Powerful House and percussion loops.

Track_60 - Classic '90s synth lines and arpeggiated grooves.