audio sample CD / Akai/E-mu CD-ROM



Audio part of the sample CD:


Track number Description
1-8 Vocals & Shouts
9-11 Atmospheric Synth Pads; House-Strings
12-13 House-Organs
14-19 Classic House-Synths; Dance Synths
20-22 Basses
23 House-Pianos
24-28 Bass-Drums; Snare Drums; Claps; Hi-Hats; Cymbals
29-92 Drum-Loops

The CD also features all sounds in Akai/E-mu format.


This is a classic '90s House sample CD.

"Soundmaster presents the "Housemaster" - The new fresh collection for complete House-productions.

This CD is a must for the serious House-Producer....

HOUSEMASTER is also available as ready to play 500 MB Akai/E-mu CD-Rom

Watch out for the HipHop-Master...will arrive soon"

As you can see, this CD is a standard House CD, with all the "usual suspects" (oohs and yeahs, 909s, tribal rhythms, stabs, house pianos/strings/organs etc.), but this in particular is very "pumping".  This collection has, in fact, all one needs to create good house tracks.

Housemaster audio examples


Housemaster_track_7  - standard House sounds

Housemaster_track_30  - standard House loops