Analog/Digital Synthesizer

A great little synthesizer.  Surprisingly powerful, and very warm-sounding.  The optional PG200 programmer makes life a lot easier programming the synth.  The two DCOs provide a varied sonic palette.  The MKS-30 is the rack-mount version of this machine.


Roland JX-3P audio demos in mp3


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Preset name with audio mp3 demo My comments
JX-3P Factory Presets
A1  String I Pure analog strings.  Just a thing of beauty - warm and classy.
A2  String II Variation of the above - smaller combo.
A3  Organ I Great-sounding jazz Hammond sound - very warm and analog.
A4  Organ II Rock Organ.  Needs to be raunchier - add distortion.
A5  Organ III Very full church pipe organ sound.  Nice!
A6  Brass I Analog!  These are the sounds of the '80s.
A7  Brass II Classic '80s sound - muted synth brass.
A8  Electric Piano I Nice rendition of Rhodes with tremolo.  Actually, also reminds of a jazz guitar...
A9  Electric Piano II Reminds of the Wurlitzer used by Supertramp.
A10  Clav Spot on emulation of a Clavinet.
A11  Harpsichord Very nice classical sound
A12  Vibraphone Nicely done, sweet, jazzy sound, with tremolo.
A13  Chime Haunting, hypnotic synth-bell sound.
A14  Celesta Cute little instrument
A15  Accordion OK emulation.
A16  Voice Outstanding analog-voice sound.  Notice the vibrato that makes it usable as a Theremin, as well.
B1  Violin Very well programmed.
B2  Flute Very natural reproduction.
B3  Oboe The timbre has been reproduced faithfully.
B4  Song Whistle What great sound!  Warm, organic and happy-sounding.  Can be used as solo.
B5  Synth Brass I Standard synth brass - very powerful thanks to the onboard chorus.
B6  Synth Brass II Very '80s - this is like a glue for your song.  WARM.
B7  Dist Guitar Ok.
B8  Juicy Funk Very, very juicy!!!  And expressive poly synth too.
B9  Filter Flow Very nice reso-pad.
B10  Fat Fifth Progressive sound from the '70s.  Too bad the JX-3P doesn't have portamento - the gliding effect, I'm achieving with the pitch bender.
B11  Sync Wah One of the best features of the JX-3P is the ability to sync the two DCOs, and manipulate the cross modulation.
B12  Sync Sweep Classic synth sound, used by the Cars among others.
B13  Funky Clav Nice sparkly sound
B14  Pulsar A great synth pad, with wild random LFO modulation.
B15  Planet Very nice sci-fi kind of sound.
B16  Jet Obligatory finish with sound fx.
More sounds achievable on the JX-3P (I used the PG200 for added "tweakability"
01  Detuned Synth Bass Super-powerful, modern techno synth!
02  Farfisa-ish The classic combo organ.
03  Crazy Pitch LFO Weird special fx - the Martians are coming.
04  Random LFO Moving Pad Very beautiful pad - modern, with lots of resonance and LFO.
05  Techno Lead Detune those oscillators...
06  Modular Moog Reminds me of those huge 1960's monsters.
07  Ghost LFO Pad Outstanding synth - good for soundtrack work.
08  Thin Soundtrack Synth Same as above!
09  Square Pad Haunting pad
10  Alien Synthesizer Plenty of weirdness on this one - but it is powerful!
11  Space Kitten Meow-meow on Uranus.


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Roland JX-3P manual in .pdf

available at www.rolandus.com


Roland JX-3P features

The "Song made only with this instrument" trial: _________  The JX-3P

Features at a glance
Year of release: 1983
Sound generation method: analog
Polyphony: 6-voice
Presets: 32 ROM + 32 rewritable
Keyboard: 61-note (5 octaves)
Responds to velocity: no
Aftertouch no
MIDI: yes - in and out
Sound expansion capabilities: none
Sequencer: yes
Arpeggiator: no
Effects: chorus
Controls: digital style "one button, one slider"; optional PG200 programmer makes all parameters available with knob and switch control)
Outputs: mono and stereo; phones
Weight and measurements:  
Other controls: Hold pedal; Seq Trigger in; Save/Load tape memory




SITE Type of resource DESCRIPTION
http://www.rolandus.com Home page Home page for Roland USA
http://www.fantasyjackpalance.com/fjp/sound/synth/synthdata/08-jx3p-pg200.html  Fan page Description + some great pictures
http://www.retrosynth.com/gear/jx3p/info.html Fan page Tips and tricks