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The L-CDX-01 library combines the "Drums & Cymbals Vol. 1" and "Guitar & Bass Vol. 1" Roland CD-ROMs for their S-series samplers.  Here's what a note in the CD says:  "The tones on this CD-ROM use Patches and Performances from Roland's Project Series L-CDP-01 "Drums & Cymbals Vol.1" and L-CDP-02 "Guitar & Bass Vol.1"."

The quality is really good - just add effects and proper playing technique to obtain excellent results in your arrangements.

This library focuses on the main ingredient of the groove, drums and bass.  There are so many drum kit variations that it would be hard for anybody not to find what they're looking for.

For the guitar/bass section, there's plenty to choose - although not as much as the drums - but all the "usual suspects" are there, including incredible Fender guitars and basses, acoustics, fretless, even some synth bass.


The quality of these samples is - as you can hear below - very high.  All Roland sample-based synths and modules, more or less, were built upon these samples, and you can definitely recognize many samples that are contained in the JV/XP series.  Of course, having the luxury of up to 32MB of sounds playing at the same time, the quality if higher than those.

In order to use these CD-ROMs you will need a SCSI CD-ROM drive connected to your S-series sampler or XV-5080.  Keep in mind that certain sound data will need 32MB of memory, supported only by the S-760.  The S-770 and 750 have less.


Roland L-CDX-01 audio demos

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Patch name with audio demo My comments
040 DRM-Brushes Superb, realistic drums played with brushes
041 KIT-TR-808 Kit Incredibly well-sampled Roland TR-808 drum kit - excellent
042 KIT-TR-909 Kit Very good Roland TR-909 drum kit - incomplete though (no 909 hat for example)
043 KIT-CR-78 Kit Very good Roland CR-78 samples - the grandmother of drum machines
044 KIT-TR-606 Kit The Roland TR-606 was similar in sound to the 808, and synchronized to the TB-303 (also looked like the 303.)
046 DRM-Cheesy DR55 The mythical Boss DR-55, early example of the popular DR "Dr. Rhythm" series.
052 DRM-Analog menu Analog drum samples galore, including Simmons.
053 KIT-LA Fat Kit 1 Typical warm, produced drum kit, Hollywood style.
054 KIT-LA Fat Kit 2 And a variation of this style.
055 KIT-R&R Kit 1 Very good rock and roll drum kit
056 KIT-R&R Kit 2 A more aggressive, modern variation
057 KIT-R&R Kit 3 A 1980s version
058 KIT-Nashville Kit Nice country-pop style drum
059 KIT-Whakker Kit Powerful
060 KIT-Dry Kit Realistic and modern-sounding
061 KIT-Soft Kit Realistic, well sampled
062 KIT-Pop Kit 1 Cute mix of classic drum samples
063 KIT-Rap Kit 1 With the obligatory 808 bass "boom" and snappy snare.
064 KIT-Reggae Kit 1 Outstanding reggae drum kit, including the typical tuned toms.
075 KIT-Heart Attack Very nice and '80s
076 KIT-Big Funk Kit Powerful, with "cannon" toms similar to the ones on the Alesis SR-16
077 KIT-Video Kit Very interesting drum amalgam
082 KIT-Natural Kit Nice
083 KIT-90's Kit Excellent gated snare
086 KIT-Loose Kit Very realistic and expressive
091 KIT-Reverb Kit Yep
096 GTR-12 String Incredibly realistic 12-string guitar
097 GTR-6 String Standard acoustic guitar, beautiful tone
099 GTR-Nylon String Nice guitar
105 Clean E.Gtr1 Typical Stratocaster sound
110 GTR-Ultra Sheen with slight effects
112 GTR-Hookmonics Cool sound - there's a patch with the same name in Roland's earlier library for the S-50, S-550, S-330, W-30 series.
118 GTR-ChapmanStick Classic Chapman
119 Dan-O 6 Str Nice Danelectro guitar that works for both bass and guitar sounds (baritone?)
123 GTR-Power Chords Typical power chords
127 BS-P.Bass Standard Fender Precision bass sound
129 BS-Jazz Bass Standard Fender Jazz bass sound
130 BS-Rock Bass Classic picked 007 bass
131 BS-Brite Thumb Cool slap bass
132 BS-PNA Fretless Nice fretless
137 BS-Warm Fretls Warmer, gentler variation
142 BS-Acoustic Bs Superb sampled jazz contrabass!
149 BS-MIDI Bass Nice hybrid FM/analog bass
150 BS-Wave Bass Weird but cool-sounding digital bass
152 BS-Analog Bass Beautiful analog bass sample - sounds real!


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