L-CDX-03 Brass & Woodwinds
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The L-CDX-03 library combines the "Orchestral Winds Vol. 1", "Super Sax Vol.1", "Brass Sections Vol.1" and "Solo Brass Vol.1" Roland CD-ROMs for their S-series samplers.  Here's what a note in the CD says:  "The tones on this CD-ROM use Patches and Performances from Roland's Project Series L-CDP-04 "Orchestral Winds Vol.1", L-CDP-07 "Super Sax Vol.1", L-CDP-06 "Brass Sections Vol.1", and L-CDP-012 "Solo Brass Vol.1"."

This CD set is a must to create the brassy backbone of your compositions, and it works particularly well for soundtrack/cinematic music.  The quality of the samples is incredible, and there are so many different individual samples per patch, that many of the instruments in this collection really sound like the real thing.  Adding alternate controllers - especially a breath controller, but any other will do - will also increase the expressivity of the playing.


In order to use these CD-ROMs you will need a SCSI CD-ROM drive connected to your S-series sampler or XV-5080.  Keep in mind that certain sound data will need 32MB of memory, supported only by the S-760.  The S-770 and 750 have less.


Roland L-CDX-03 audio demos

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Performance name with audio demo My comments
Disc 1
002 FLT-Piccolos Sweet and very realistic piccolo flute
003 FLT-Fife Nice fife sample
004 FLT-Fife Trills And the cool trills
006 FLT-Singin'Flute Very expressive and realistic jazz flute with characteristic breathy technique
011 FLT-Brt 3 Brighter version
024 WND-Clar Jazz 1 Mega-realistic clarinet - works for many genres
032 WND-Eng Horn 1 Very nice English horn patch
037 WND-Oboe Brth 1 Warm oboe
049 WND-Bassoon 1 I always loved this instrument :-)
066 SAX-Soprano Long Perfect for smooth-jazz
068 SAX-Alto - 414 A cool and very realistic alto sax - why 414?  Maybe an AKG 414 microphone was used to record the sample?
083 SAX-Tenor - 4way Classic tenor saxophone
086 SAX-Tenor Breath With breathier technique
092 SAX-Baritone Sax Nice!
Disc 2
002 BRS-Tps Velo-Xfd Succulent trumpet ensemble!
010 BRS-Harmon Tps S Classic trumpet combo with mute
013 BRS-Tps Swells The modulation wheel controls the volume of this performance
017 BRS-Flugel Sect. Warm and realistic flugelhorn section
018 BRS-FHns Ambient Flugelhorns in a large room
029 BRS-Bone Sec.1 Exquisite trombone section sample!!
037 BRS-Ensembl.sfz Real!  And useful for scoring movie soundtracks
045 BRS-R&R Horns Typical pop/rock sound
053 BRS-Euphonium Nice and warm
055 BRS-Cornet 1 Very good cornet
061 BRS-Flugelhorn 1 Really good
096 BRS-F Tuba menu Goes low


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