L-CDX-04 Strings & Orchestral Percussion
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The L-CDX-03 library combines the "Orchestral Percussion Vol.1", "Solo Strings Vol.1", "Symphony Orchestra Vol.1" and "String Sections Vol.1" Roland CD-ROMs for their S-series samplers.  Here's what a note in the CD says:  "The tones on this CD-ROM use Patches and Performances from Roland's Project Series L-CDP-13 "String Sections Vol.1", L-CDP-08 "Symphony Orchestra Vol.1", L-CDP-05 "Solo Strings Vol.1", and L-CDP-03 "Orchestral Percussion Vol.1"."

This 2-CD set is very strong, arguably the best in the bunch - in my opinion Roland's string ensemble are second to none - there's a certain warmth and expressiveness in their samples that I particularly like.

The solo instruments are also outstanding, ranging from excellent solo violins, to expressive cellos and powerful contrabasses.  The orchestral percussion hits are well recorded, many with natural orchestral ambience.


In order to use these CD-ROMs you will need a SCSI CD-ROM drive connected to your S-series sampler or XV-5080.  Keep in mind that certain sound data will need 32MB of memory, supported only by the S-760.  The S-770 and 750 have less.


Roland L-CDX-04 audio demos

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Performance name with audio demo My comments
Disc 1
002 STR-Arpeggios Superb fast string arpeggio
006 STR-Cbs1 f Nice string low ensemble
009 CMB-Low Marcato Incredibly realistic string sample
010 CMB-Lrg Ensemble PERFECTION.  BEAUTY.  HEAVENLY string ensemble.
011 CMB-Cello Orch. Very warm and full cello ensemble
013 CMB-Brite Strngs Sweet and melancholy
019 CMB-StringOrch 1 Beautiful tone
029 STR-Orch. f Slow Stupendous - perfect for film scoring
032 STR-Pizz.Section Very realistic pizzicato section, with natural room ambience
055 STR-Vcs Trem p Good cellos tremolos
060 STR-Vas2 Bright Nice violas ensemble
073 STR-Vls1 Symph Expressive violins
116 ORC-Orc.Unison p Charming medieval sounding orchestra
118 ORC-Major Gliss Very cool glissandos
137 STR-Vls Sul Pont Violins played sul ponte
Disc 2
002 STR-Vln1 Warm vb Superb solo violin, check out the vibrato
021 STR-Vla1 Bryt vb Beautiful viola solo
035 STR-Vc Arco f vb Warm, woody violoncello
042 STR-Cb1 mf vb Dark, powerful contrabass
050 CMB-Chamber Grp1 Superb chamber small group of strings
057 PRC-Orch Bs Drum Deep orchestral bass drums
064 PRC-Timp Amb 3- Hyper-realistic timpani
068 SNR-Orch Sn menu Nice single hits and rolls
071 CYM-Tam-Tams Nice, long samples only obtainable with a sampler (and 32MB of RAM possibly).
072 CYM-Gongs Dry Superb.
086 PRC-Orch Toys Lots of cool sounding "toys" here :-)
090 CMB-Orch Kit 1 Full set


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