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The Korg M1 in my opinion is, together with the Yamaha DX7 and the Roland D-50, one of the three classic synths of the 80's.  Still today, playing patch 00, "Universe" gives me goose-bumps.


Korg M1 audio demos in mp3

Korg M1 factory songs

Song0  Oh Yes!1

Song1  Out There

Song2  Harmony1

Song3  Harmony2

Song4  Ms. Muro

Song5  Oh Yes!2


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Preset Prog with  demo

My comments

00 Universe One of the most famous synthesizer presets of all time, "Universe" is the outstandingly beautiful "Choir" sample with a backwash of "Lore", an intriguing and mysterious percussion loop - generously bathed in reverb and delay.  I personally think that this single preset, I00 Universe, that greeted the user upon turning the M1 on, was responsible for many, many of the sales of this instrument.
01 Piano16' The famous M1 piano.  At the time, this was considered a nice piano sound.  Nowadays, it's considered "plasticky".  At any rate, during the early 90s it was quickly adopted as THE piano for House music - and it appears on many hit house records from that era.
02 Brass1 Nice brass ensemble
03 Ooh-Ahh Another signature M1 sound - the ethereal choir
04 Guitar1 Warm acoustic guitar
05 BottleBell Very typical Korg series M/T sound
06 Fretless Famous, outstanding preset - very realistic and expressive fretless bass.
07 Symphonic Nice string ensemble
08 PanFlute Great sound.  In the late '80s and early '90s, sounds like these were de rigueur - for New Age styles.
09 Drums#1 Solid drums.  Back in 1988, quality drums like these on a synthesizer were unheard of - a very marked line still existed between synths and drum machines.
10 PanMallet Another classic M1 mix
11 E.Piano1 Classic M1 electric piano, heard in many songs
12 Trumpet Realistic trumpet, with cool vibrato engaged by mod wheel
13 Nimbus Beautiful preset that mixes a pad with the great Koto Trem sample.
14 DistGuitar Nice distorted electric guitar
15 Vibes Beautiful and expressive vibraphone
16 PickBass Another famous M1 preset, this sample exudes coolness ;-)
17 Organ2 Very, very famous preset - House music of the early 90s basically lived on this preset and the TR-909, at some point.  Also works as intended, as jazz organ.
18 Flute Realistic flute
19 Pole Another M1 signature sound
20 DreamPad Awesome synth pad, very 80s, regal and powerful.
21 MagicPiano A cross between the piano and magic organ
22 SoloSax Nice and honest tenor
23 Choir Nice choir, great for pads
24 12-String So-so 12-string guitar
25 Kalimba Excellent kalimba, sampled well
26 A.Bass Realistic pizzicato contrabass, very jazzy
27 Strings Thin strings
28 SynMallet Hypnotic percussive synth
29 Drums#2 More solid drums
30 Lore The Korg M1 sound, on which "Universe" is based
31 Harpsicord Great-sounding harpsichord - with a nice room reverb
32 DoubleReed Warm and reedy bassoon!
33 Bottles More sounds for the New Age crowd
34 KotoTrem Classic sample - many M1 presets are based on this
35 BellRing Very nice bell play
36 SynthBass1 Classic Minimoog style synth bass.
37 Timp&Bells Very nice timpani and bell split
38 SoloSynth Expressive and powerful solo synth
39 Pop Nice "Popcorn" style lead synth
40 Magician Characteristic and evolving synth
41 Piano8' M1 piano, an octave higher
42 Overture More strings
43 Angels Ethereal choirs
44 Sitar1 Nice ethnic flavor
45 Tubular Beautifully sampled church bells
46 SlapBass Awesome slap bass!  Was the M1 used for the "Seinfeld" theme?
47 PipeOrgan Beautiful pipe organ!!!
48 Wire Nice digital synth
49 Drum#3 More drums, very good ones
50 BambuTrem Another classic trem sound
51 E.Piano4 Wider, more chorused electric piano
52 TubaFlugel Realistic!
53 VoiceWave Very cool sample (Voice Wave)
54 Guitar2 Nice electric guitar, open
55 MetalHit Yep
56 SynthBass2 More contemporary syn bass
57 StringRise Exactly
58 PanWave Quirky synth
59 Hammer Yes
60 CloudNine Beautiful soundtrack synth pad!
61 Clav Weird-sounding Clavinet..
62 TenorSax Clean and realistic sax
63 Voices more nice choirs
64 RockGuitar Nice chorused electric guitar, very '80s
65 WindBells Ok
66 SynthBass3 "Liquid" sounding syn bass
67 Organ1 Great jazz Hammond
68 Block It is
69 FingerSnap Yep
70 MagicOrgan Another famous M1 preset, an organ mixed with a mysterious bell synth
71 E.Piano2 Variation on the FM piano
72 Brass2 realistic
73 FVWave based on the Fv wave
74 PickGuitar Ok
75 Digi-Bells Pretty digital bells
76 AnalogBass Fat syn bass
77 PingWave Sounds like a whale lament- great!
78 VibeHit Cool delays in this one
79 Pluck Awesome cavern reverb
80 Good&Bad The classic Morricone sounds
81 Digital2 Very digital and 80s
82 MuteTrp Miles
83 Stratos Beauty!!!  pad
84 Sitar2 More India for you
85 Flexatone Cool!
86 Digital4 more digital goodness
87 SoftHorns That's what they are
88 HellsBells Interesting atmospheric preset
89 Drop Yes
90 Zephyr BEAUTY!!!
91 E.Piano3 Another FM piano
92 SynthBrass The obligatory Oberheim Jump sound
93 Digital5 More digital sounds
94 E.Guitar1 Cool Strat
95 Rhythm Very nice ethnic rhythm
96 MonoSynth Cool digital solo synth
97 Hold... Beautiful ambient/soundtrack synth
98 Wait... ...the trem comes in ;-)
99 Surprise!! The flutes come back at you.



Preset Combi with  demo

My comments

00 FilmScore Powerful combi - orchestral setup
04 Fuji-san Vague oriental flavor
08 Pyramids Nice amalgam of synth sounds
14 Atlantis Excellent ambient setup
28 Clock Shop Cool ;-)
34 Venice The beautiful Venezia
63 Madness Yep!
64 China Nice instrumentation
66 The Hunter Full horn ensemble
80 ThePlanets Beautiful ambient synth combi
81 Barbarians Massive choir and bells
89 Luna-Pad Nice classy pad
99 Please->->->-> because the other instruments are coming!


Additional Korg M1 sound demo

Here's a demo I put together for the Synthesizer forum at www.harmony-central.com years ago:

  Korg M1 audio demo

Notice how many presets are recognizable from movie soundtracks, tv ads, etc.

Video demos


Korg M1 pictures (click on thumbnails to enlarge)


Korg M1 Features
  • mythical synth, a bestseller and considered the first true workstation ;
  • deep programming possibilities;
  • can be expanded through program and sample cards;
  • tons of sounds available


Korg M1 Manual




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