Boss ME-50B

Boss ME-50B

What what??  And another guitar device on SYNTH mania??

Bass is my 2nd instrument, so I love bass effects.

The ME-50B is truly a phenomenal machine.

Very immediate to use, and the COSM effects are to die for.  All you need is a bass and this, and you're ready for any gig, or studio recording...

I used a Peavey T-40 into the ME-50B, to a MOTU 828 mkII firewire audio interface.

Peavey T-40+ Boss ME-50B

Roland ME-50B audio demos

Patch with audio demo Boss' comments
Peavey T-40 - bypass The Peavey T-40 direct to the audio interface, unaffected

Sound using MID SHAPE, suitable for slapping play.

1-2 Tube amp sound, good for rock'n roll.
1-3 Touch wah sound for funk music.
2-1 Mellow sound of a fretless bass. Good for use with a bridge pickup.
2-2 Fuzz sound of 60ís.
2-3 Spacy, analog synth bass sound.
3-1 Fat bass sound using BOTTOM BOOST.
3-2  Drive sound with wild distortion.
3-3 Distorted octave-up sound mixed with direct bass sound, suitable for single note playing.
4-1 Phaser sound suitable for slapping or picking play.
4-2 Nice distorted sound with pedal wah.

Sound for solo performance using .TAP DLY and SOUND HOLD.

5-1 Fat, rocking sound for picking play.
5-2 Wild jet phaser sound.
5-3 Synth bass sound with much sound pressure.
6-1 Sound for R&B style of playing.
6-2 A bowing type of sound using SLOW GEAR.
6-3 Synth bass sound with heavy vibrato.
7-1 Slapping sound for funk-rock type of music.
7-2 Heavy sound with a combination of OCTAVE DOWN and MUFF FUZZ.
7-3 An effective synth sound. You changes pitch with use of Expression pedal.
8-1 An acoustic bass type sound. Play near the fret-board, using a neck pickup.
8-2 Whirling flanger sound.
8-3 Heavily filtered sound by combining touch wah and synth bass.


Boss ME-50B
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Boss ME-50B review with audio demo - September 23, 2008