Multiple Processor FX

Lexicon MPX 1

The Lexicon MPX 1 is a killer multi-effect processor, and even though it can be considered the baby brother of famous PCM-line, it consistently got rave reviews from all kinds of users, and it's a superb addition to any composer's arsenal.

One of the strong points of this multi-fx is the dual-processor - with one always available for high-quality reverb algorithms.

This Quality really shows - as one can hear from any of the may presets on this box.

The rooms in particular are exquisite, and donate a veil of realism to any vocals, instruments, or samples you run through.

The halls are also superb, and perfect for vocals and drums


The multi-effects are in vast quantity, from phasers, to flangers, to multi-tap delays... all of high-quality.


Lexicon MPX 1 audio demos

Here below are some of the MPX 1's factory presets.

I used a Roland Fantom XR and a Roland V-Synth with their internal effects turned off for the examples.  The signal is first heard dry, then through the processor.

Stream all mp3 examples below


Program name with audio example My comments
001 MPX Blue Exquisite program, with filtered echoes
002 RvbEko Morph Quality reverb
007 Tape Echo Nice emulation of classic tape-based echo units
012 Small Booth Very realistic vocal booth emulation
013 PCM 60 Room From the classic, earlier Lexicon unit, the PCM 60
016 Plate Space Very spacious reverb, floating in space
018 Short Nonlin The classic Phil Collins gated reverb of the '80s
022 Bright Plate Realistic plate reverb program.  I'm decreasing/increasing the percentage of fx in this example
036 Big Studio Very realistic sense of space
046 Small Hall The perfect hall space
054 Cathedral Gorgeous emulation of a large church
061 Ghost Flange Very nice flanger effect - I'm again decreasing/increasing the percentage of fx in this example
067 TapDly-Rvb Nice delay
086 Wide Chorus Yep
108 Wet Triads Regal!
115 EkoVerbSweep Good.
144 StereoSpin Nice Leslie-type fx.
175 Flanger Classic flanger.
184 LFO Filter German 1970s.
194 Wild Thing Charming delayed, chorused ambience.



Lexicon MPX 1 specifications


Year of release:  
Sound generation method:  
Preset memories  
MIDI: yes
Sound expansion capabilities:  
Sequencer n/a
Arpeggiator n/a


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