Korg MSC-14S Sound Effects
Sound Card Set for the Korg M1 series

Korg MSC-14S Sound Effects

The MSC-14S "Sound Effects" sound card set consists of the MPC-14 Program card, and the MSC-14 PCM card.  These two cards install in the slots of the Korg M1 series, adding several new waveforms and programs to the machine.

The MSC-14S Sound Effects card set focuses on sound effects for various uses.  The new waveforms include rain, animals, various toys, synth FX, metallic, and many more sound and special effects.

Perfect to add that "spice" to compositions, or to enhance video.

Check out audio examples from this card set here below.

Korg MSC-14S Sound Effects factory demo songs:

S0 Prophecy

S1 Night Walk

by Sound Atelier

Korg MSC-14S Sound Effects audio demos in mp3:

Stream all Program demos below


Program name with audio demo My comments
00 FoggyRain Beautiful digi-vox pad
01 TapBass Nice late-'80s bass
02 Coin Spin yep
03 Rain Leak whipping special fx
04 RazorEdge perfect for many atmospheres
05 Rabender Superb ethnic vox synth
06 TightBass yep
07 Storm emulation of lightning
08 DragonLore nice gong effect
09 PatPad nice hypnotic pad
10 Hall Bang perfect noise sound fx
11 Steam awesome 1950s sci-fi effect
12 TapVoice nice digital vox
13 Tap E.P. unique E.lectric P.iano sound
14 Alice very good synth percussive sound
15 Fun Flute synth & rattles
16 SweetSynth typical M1 atmospheres
17 Quick yup
18 Nutcracker cool
19 His Organ more like an electric piano
20 Peel Off! yes
21 Snow Curious and nice metallic "puffy" sound
22 Sparkling moving metals
23 MistyCello Nice sound that reminds of band The Cure for some reason (the flanger perhaps?)
24 Toy Cycler spin the wheel
25 ZZ Cello synth string
26 Mistral digital theme
27 Wink nice pitched sound effect
28 Dust Shoot flying object
29 Sweep interesting sci-fi effect
30 Logos anvil in space
31 Factory Construction noises
32 SandValley noise bursts in the desert
33 Passion nice short synth sound, with cool gated reverb
34 Scrap yep
35 Pearls gentle and beautiful FM electric piano sound
36 Crack awesome special effect, a bit "marine"
37 Iron Man nice analog/digital lead synth
38 SmashGlass yep
39 Weirdness a sea monster
40 Out Use reverb action
41 SE & Drums nice Special Effects & Drums
42 Atoll Beautiful plucked synth
43 Switch monster snaps fingers
44 Milky Way twinkly synth
45 Killer wavy
46 Stardust cool "mystery" synth pad
47 Flying Moth giant bugs/birds in a sci-fi movie!
48 PopComp nice effect
49 Variant at the end of the barrel


Stream all Combination demos below

Combination name with audio demo My comments
00 FoggyNight a ferry boat in space.
01 Atomic after the bomb
02 Cool Str more like cold strings
03 Sand Org interesting vibrato applied
04 MilkyLoad solid synth
05 New Bass typical M1 bass
06 Metal Wave nice sound effect with echo
07 Oddity the classic PCM sounds of the late '80s / early '90s
08 Sofia nice pluck synth
09 Float yep
10 Open Eyes Gorgeous effect pad
11 Meditator nice warbly synth stack
12 Submarine yep
13 Frost digital pluck
14 Elegy happy fluffy synth
15 BlowOut noise fx
16 Squeeze digi sound
17 Miss Chief nice flanged comp synth
18 In Space Fantastic, hypnotic electric piano in the galaxy
19 Close Eyes beautiful string pad
20 Innocent curiously 1980s
21 Break broken light bulbs in a deserted factory
22 SweetDream great, typical Korg digipad
23 Nail cold synth
24 Dark Side deep space 9
25 Force good sfx (special effects)
26 Velo Spin big coins
27 Broken yeah
28 Sand Storm ray gun
29 Metaor quintessential M1 sounds
30 Individual interesting sound
31 Milky Way very good digital swirling synth
32 Ice Dance cold and beautiful
33 Various wind whirl fx
34 Shake It yep
35 Weird Pad very nice
36 Cold Cave stalagmites
37 Passion pops
38 Se Pad great Special Effects Pad
39 Ghost yep
40 Iocust big one, too
41 W-Dragon yes
42 Peel Off!! with big reverb
43 DreamChime very nice and with a wonderful 1980s quality
44 Vase terracotta
45 SeMallet 1 solid soft pad
46 SeMallet 2 plucky synth
47 SeMallet 3 another plucky synth
48 Bass & Str very useful split
49 Bass&Chord yep


Features at a glance
Year of release: 198_
Polyphony: n/a
Presets: 50 Programs & 50 Combi
Rhythms: no
Keyboard: n/a
Responds to velocity: n/a
Responds to aftertouch: n/a
Sound generation method: PCM
MIDI: n/a
Sound expansion capabilities: n/a
Effects: n/a
Controls: n/a
Outputs: n/a
Display: n/a
Misc: n/a


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