MSC-2S Synth 1
Sound Card Set for the Korg M1 series

Korg MSC-2S Synth 1

The MSC-2S "Synth 1" sound card set consists of the MPC-02 Program card, and the MSC-02 PCM card.  These two cards install in the slots of the Korg M1 series, adding several new waveforms and programs to the machine.

The focus of this card set is on new synthesizer-oriented waveforms.

New PCM samples include Bell waves, pads, syn vox, synth bass, and various digital waveforms.

Rounding the offer, there are many new programs that focus on non-synth instruments.

Korg MSC-2S Synth 1 factory demo song:

Zoom Out<--Zoom-->In by Peter Schwartz

Korg MSC-2S Synth 1 audio demos in mp3:

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Program name with audio demo My comments
00 Bell Wave Wonderful bell synth, warm
01 Room Hit Cool echo fx
02 Clang Typical '80s reverb
03 Slap Hit Very much mid-late 1980s
04 Wave PAD Gorgeous synth pad, gluey yet dynamic
05 Phase 1 Reminds of the PPG a bit - very nice, analog-digital synth
06 MIDI Vox Beautiful digital vox
07 E.Bass 2 Classic late '80s clean bass
08 Syn.Bass4 Moog type synth bass
09 Digital 6 Supremely digital waveforms
10 M.Wave Digi wave
11 Syn.Bass3 Fat, full analog bass
12 S&H-WAVE I don't hear the Sample&Hold but cool sound nonetheless
13 Perc.Wave Tabla'ish percussion, very good
14 Syn.Bass5 Brassy ana-bass!
15 Digital 7 More digitalia, very clean
16 Oct.Wave Nice
20 Busy Talk Typical Korg digital vox
21 Nat'nlGeo. Proper brass.
22 HawsPipe Great New Age pan flute.  Reminds me of the one on the Kurzweil K2000's Contemporary SoundBlock ROM.
24 PolarChoir's cold... so cold...
27 Corli-Oboe Tasty orchestral oboe, useful
28 Pizz-a Standard strings played in pizzicato.
29 AeroGlide Nice moving pad
34 Afterlife M1 vox pad, classic
35 Mr.Marshal Digi-distorted
38 BrakeDrums Yep
41 CrytalSong Amber-like
45 PhaseFlow Stupendous modulated synth pad
46 Room Kit The punchy drums of the late 1980s
48 A.T.Rotary Awesome change of speed of the Leslie effect (rotary) introduced by the AfterTouch
49 Down River Wonderful, wonderful nature pad, very Korg.

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Combination name with audio demo My comments
01 Bells @ 5 Clean and beautiful.
02 Enigma Another great New Age patch
05 Org Brass Cool patch - The velocity parameter changes the sound from organ to brass
08 Orch Hit 1 Nice brass
09 IcePalace Digital freeze
10 Zephr 2 Beautiful patch
11 RainForest Quintessential nature pad, with the typical Korg "lore bamboos"
16 Doot Dit Funny bunny
21 Score2 Austere but beautiful.  Velocity introduces crystal pings.
23 Bass Talk 1980s
26 AfterImage TV-like
27 RainPhase The beautiful, beautiful Korg shimmering pad.
33 Filligree Digi-80s
35 East West Yep
37 Titania Typical 1980s sound
38 EZHarmony Oscillators gone bezerk
39 Harmonix+ Reminds of "Miami Vice"
43 New Light Nice synth.
45 Aurora ^ Shimmering digipad
47 Canonisms^ Nice delays
49 Oratorio Harpsichord and boy voices


Features at a glance
Year of release: 1989
Polyphony: n/a
Presets: 50 Programs & 50 Combi
Rhythms: no
Keyboard: n/a
Responds to velocity: n/a
Responds to aftertouch: n/a
Sound generation method: PCM
MIDI: n/a
Sound expansion capabilities: n/a
Effects: n/a
Controls: n/a
Outputs: n/a
Display: n/a
Misc: n/a


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Korg MSC-2S Synth 1    Korg MSC-2S Synth 1    Korg MSC-2S Synth 1    Korg MSC-2S Synth 1

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Korg MSC-2S Synth 1



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