MSC-3S Drums 1
Sound Card Set

Korg MSC-3S Drums 1

The MSC-3S "Drums 1" sound card set consists of the MPC-03 Program card, and the MSC-03 PCM card.  These two cards install in the slots of the Korg M1 series, adding several new waveforms and programs to the machine.

The Drums 1 card features new drum & percussion sounds, but also adds numerous new Programs and Combinations of other types of sounds, like electric pianos, basses, pads, strings etc.

The drum sounds improve on the stock M1 drum samples.

Some of the best patches feature great-sounding, punchy acoustic, but also electronic drums.

Korg MSC-3S Drums 1 factory demo songs:

Hot Feet

Cool Hands

Mister FX

Korg MSC-3S Drums 1 audio demos in mp3:

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Program name with audio demo My comments
00 Ambient Classic, punchy acoustic drums, with nice room ambience
02 -->Push<-- Beautiful soft pad.  The aftertouch (the "Push" in the title of this patch) introduces gentle, shimmering overtones.
05 ElectroKit Punchy, "Simmons style" electronic drums, with nice short reverb
06 ClickBass Classic synth bass
07 {=Xanos=} Very typical AI synthesis type of sound
10 Percussion Solid drum kit and percussion
12 Dark*Light Beautiful synth pad, very late 1980s
15 NastyDrumz Yep
16 P. Bass Well-sampled Fender Precision bass - very full-sounding
22 :Star Man: Nice sci-fi effect, with the classic M1 "percussion roll" of lore
23 Mythology Nice 1980s style happy synth
24 GR8 Clav' Cool Hohner Clavinet rendition
25 FX-->RadKit Glassy percussive sounds
26 TechnoBass Deep quick-rez bass
27 ({-->MARS<--}) Big sound effect, very M1
35 G.A.T.E.D. Phil Collins would be proud
37 *(Flying)* Great rhythmic patch, that reminds of a sound on the Roland JV-XP line: Flying Waltz
42 RainBell Exquisite bell patch
43 ProcesSAX Realistic saxophone through quality internal reverb
44 StabiClavi Fat, analog stab Clavinet
46 SuperSlap Classic M1 slap bass
47 WoodWater Interesting New Age patch, with the cool internal delay fx
48 WayOutLead Analog'ish synth lead
49 Rosin Digital string ensemble

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Combination name with audio demo My comments
00 NewPcmDrmz Punchy, controlled drum and percussion kit
02 1NoteSplit Very cool, Introspective orchestral ensemble
03 Harmonisis Gorgeous, pensive soft breathy pad
08 SilkString Beautiful strings
12 WayOut Purely 1980s
13 UnderCover Another great ensemble, this time through FX
14 We-->B<--Jamin Perfect modern Reggae split patch
18 Strng/Horn Delicious split:  strings on the left, horns on the right
20 K.A.O.S. Huge room
25 MondoKit 2 Very cool drum kit
29 Big Band Classic 1960s/70s style big band sound
31 Space Another great, typical, M1 AI sound
33 SilverMoon Ravishing soft pad, perfect for many music genres
43 2150 Serious mood in space
46 *Air=Lead* Expressive lead synth


Features at a glance
Year of release: 1989
Polyphony: n/a
Presets: 50 Programs & 50 Combi
Rhythms: no
Keyboard: n/a
Responds to velocity: n/a
Responds to aftertouch: n/a
Sound generation method: PCM
MIDI: n/a
Sound expansion capabilities: n/a
Effects: n/a
Controls: n/a
Outputs: n/a
Display: n/a
Misc: n/a


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Korg MSC-3S Drums 1 review with audio demo - April 19, 2009