MSC-6S Fretted Insts 1
Sound Card Set

Korg MSC-6S Fretted Insts 1

The MSC-6S "Fretted Instruments 1" sound card set consists of the MPC-06 Program card, and the MSC-06 PCM card.  These two cards install in the slots of the Korg M1 series, adding several new waveforms and programs to the machine.

I find this card set to be very skillfully programmed.

The core of the new samples includes new guitar (electric and acoustic), bass, banjo, and even great-sounding middle-eastern stringed instruments.

Rounding the offer, there are many new programs that focus on non-stringed instruments, such as warm pads, organs, and strings.

Korg MSC-6S Fretted Insts 1 factory demo song:


Korg MSC-6S Fretted Insts 1 audio demos in mp3:

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Program name with audio demo My comments
00 Rocklead Classic electric guitar with distortion
01 CleanStrat Very clean Fender Stratocaster
02 Jazzguitar Intimate jazz sound
03 Spanishgtr Yep
04 Muted Gtr. Perfect for many genres
05 Banjo Nice
06 Koto Beautiful koto patch
07 Santur Wonderful
08 Perfm.Bass Very good, typically M1 sampled slap bass
09 Round Bass Bass with round strings
10 FingerBass Fingered bass, nice and very early 1980s
11 Sticker Edgy bass
12 Chrs.-Clav Chorused Clavinet
13 Monopoly Marvelously expressive analog solo synth - A nod to Korg's own Mono/Poly synth
16 Rock-Organ Solid, fat rock organ with all drawbars pulled out
17 Roarng.50s Typical twangy electric guitar of the dawn of Rock 'n' Roll
18 Herp'sSolo Nice trumpet-like solo synth
21 Pedalsteel Yep
24 Vari-Fuzz Jimi Hendrix-type sound
29 Electr.Harp Yeah
35 Shrong Different, cool
39 Colossus Digital late '80s
40 Oblivion Sweet pad with LFOs going
43 Afterwards Slow moving
44 SmoothPick Powerful bass
45 Interstlr. Fabulous choral synth, spacious and sparkly
46 Saw-Play Digi pad
47 Kyrie-Seq. Inspired by a famous 1980s song by Mr. Mister's synthesizer beginning sound
49 Drums 2 Classic 1980s drums, bigger than life and with plenty of gated reverb

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Combination name with audio demo My comments
01 SOUNDTRACK B i g  synth pad
02 ASTRALIZER Phenomenal, sidereal, gorgeous sci-fi syn pad
03 JACO RIP Beautiful split - Posh strings on the left, and very expressive Jaco Pastorius-style fretless jazz bass on the right
17 MIDI-STACK The power of multi-timbrality
23 VIRTUOSO Cute split
25 SHOGUN The mighty synth
29 CASINO-SET Awesome 1960s-style, lounge split - bass and horns
30 SALOON-PNO Cool, typical western-movie out of tune piano
37 SCRAPSTACK Echoes in the night sky
39 FUSION-SET Great-sounding Fusion setup, with slap bass on the left, electric piano in the middle, and synth brass on the right
45 ARABIAN Excellent combi with a middle-eastern flavor.  I switched to the M1's from the "Equal Temperament" to "Pure Major" scale type for this audio example.
49 BAROQUE Classic chamber strings and harpsichord


Features at a glance
Year of release: 1989
Polyphony: n/a
Presets: 50 Programs & 50 Combi
Rhythms: no
Keyboard: n/a
Responds to velocity: n/a
Responds to aftertouch: n/a
Sound generation method: PCM
MIDI: n/a
Sound expansion capabilities: n/a
Effects: n/a
Controls: n/a
Outputs: n/a
Display: n/a
Misc: n/a


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Korg MSC-6S Fretted Insts 1    Korg MSC-6S Fretted Insts 1    Korg MSC-6S Fretted Insts 1    Korg MSC-6S Fretted Insts 1

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