MSC-9S Organ
Sound Card Set for the Korg M1 series

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The MSC-9S Organ card set was dedicated to electro-mechanic, Hammond-style organ primarily, but also accordion, harmonium, and pipe organ.

This is a very good set, and these organ samples still stand after many years from their release.

The collection is rounded up by other types of "bread and butter" sounds that make the card set even more useful.  The "Sphare" presets in particular sound great, and recall the special tone of synthesizers made in the late 1980s / early 1990s.

The Programs are all very well programmed, but a note also on the Combinations:  the programmers did a great job of collecting a series of split-patches that are useful not only in the studio, but in a live situation also.

Click on the audio examples below to hear all 100 sounds contained in this Korg M1 classic expansion set.

Korg MSC-9S Organ factory demo songs:

Song 0 - Cool Track by Michael Geisel

Song 1 - Jazzy Bach by Michael Geisel

Song 2 - Magic Harp by Michael Geisel


Korg MSC-9S Organ audio demos in mp3:

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Program name
with audio demo
My comments
00 UniverseII Fantastic synth pad inspired by the legendary first M1 preset.
01 The Legend Classic overdriven Hammond sound - although I think this comes from the Korg's own classic, the BX-3.
02 Jazz1 + RS Great jazz Hammond sound + Rotary Speaker effect.
03 Full Trem Cool lounge organ with plenty of drawbars out and "tremolo" effect (really it's vibrato.)
04 B3Ovdr+RS B-3 in overdrive + rotary speaker
05 Rotary BX3 The Korg BX-3 through rotary
06 Accordeon1 A nice, hearty accordion
07 Full Slow The classic sound of slow Leslie
08 PipeOrgan1 Praying time
09 PipeOrgan2 Beautiful pipe organ patch.
10 Sphare Gorgeous, phenomenal synth-bell patch, typically late '80s
11 Super-BX 3 Cool!
12 Jazz2 Trem Classic lounge organ of the 1950s/60s
13 MediumTrem Full-body organ
14 Pc.Ovdr+RS Organ with Percussion, overdrive, and through rotary speaker
15 FullOrg+RS Nice and with cool Leslie simulation.
16 Musette Fun accordion musette patch
17 16'+ 22-3' Superb 1960s Hammond lounge music / easy listening patch
18 PipeOrgan3 Full
19 PipeOrgan4 Puffy
20 Cloud VII Great synth pad
21 BX-100 More BX coolness.
22 Jazz3Pc.Ch Jazzy organ with 3rd percussion and chorus effect
23 Jazz-Perc. bright and jazzy
24 FullOvd.RS Hard Rock
25 Clicky BX3 Nice and percussive
26 Accordeon2 Realistic accordion patch
27 Bluesharp1 A bit thin, but realistic nonetheless.
28 PipeOrgan5 Very nice pipe organ
29 PipeOrgan6 Pedals.
30 Bell-Organ Beautiful, classic 1980s bell-pad sound
31 Analg+Perc Analog organ
32 Jazz4 + RS Nice jazzy organ
33 Solo Trem Fast vibrato
34 Ensemble Chorused
35 Medium +RS Expressive and cool 1970s-style organ
36 Perc 22-3 The classic organ percussion effect -
37 Bluesharp2 Nice pitch-bending via the aftertouch
38 PipeOrgan7 Great pipe organ sound, very cinematic
39 PipeOrgan8 Big.
40 PipeOrgan9 In church.
41 MagicOrgan Inspired by the classic M1 original preset.
42 AnalogOrg. More analog-style organ
43 Jazz5 Trem Bright and happy
44 Drums 1 Classic late '80s, "hair-metal big sounds"
45 FingerBass Clean fingered electric bass.
46 ConcertGrd Nice grand piano samples.
47 Tenor Sax Realistic
48 Trpt-Brass Trumpet and brass
49 MuteGuitar The classic technique of the "palm over strings"

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Combination name with audio demo My comments
00 5th Sphare Gorgeous synthesizer pad, with classic Korg ambiences
01 Jim. Smith Inspired by master of jazz organ Jimmy
02 Med-Pc.+RS Cool
03 PipeOrgan1 Prayer time
04 Bass+Bomb Classic split - bass and organ
05 Full Accrd Big accordion
06 DreamPiano Nice New Age - type piano sound.
07 Full-Brass Yep
08 Hrp+Bass Nice bass and harmonica split
09 Ensemble Organ in ambience
10 Dream Bell Classic D-50-style patch
11 Fifty-Splt Cool 1950s sounds
12 JazzPc.+RS Powerful and jazzy
13 PipeOrgan4 More great church organ sounds
14 Bass+Slow Blues style
15 Musette Great accordion
16 Pno.Stereo left to right
17 Jazz-Brass Yup
18 Bss+Hrp-Br Bass on the left, harmonica on the right.  Press hard, the harmonica switches to brass.
19 S-F Vswt.1 Slow-Fast Leslie obtained by velocity-switch.
20 Cloud VIII Great synth-bell pad.
21 Jazz Perc Wild.
22 JazzBx.+RS The Korg BX through rotary
23 PipeOrgan5 Saint Peter
24 Bass+Fifty Superb and happy Lounge organ.
25 Bandoneon Tango time
26 Bass+Piano The most famous and useful split of them all?
27 Brs.Stereo Yes
28 6th Sphare Gorgeous variation of the Sphare theme, this time using 6ths.
29 S-F Vswt.2 Another really cool velocity-switch program - very jazzy.
30 Magic Pipe Beautiful synth pad
31 Solo 5 1/3 Characteristic and moving.
32 ProcHar+RS Inspired by the Procol Harum organ sound
33 PipeOrgan6 Phantom of the opera
34 Bass+Jazz Cool!
35 Org.+Accd Layered organ and accordion.
36 LayerPiano Beautiful piano and pad
37 Bass+Brass Nice swing-style patch
38 7th Sphare And this time in 7ths.   Very nice.
39 Drm+Bass Huge drums.
40 Enchanting Beautiful pad, with great flanger effect.
41 Solo 2 2/3 Nice solo organ sound
42 Deep Bx+RS More nice BX organ
43 Positiv Pretty & puffy pipe chapel organ
44 Bass+Full Mega-cool split that's perfect to play Ska music
45 Dreh-Orgel Ja!
46 Bellissima Stupendous piano + pad... perfect for New Age / Ambient music.
47 Cool Track Groovy.
48 Jazzy Bach Nice contrast.
49 Magic Harp Quintessential Fusion lead solo synth

Features at a glance
Year of release: 1989
Polyphony: n/a
Presets: 50 Programs & 50 Combi
Rhythms: no
Keyboard: n/a
Responds to velocity: n/a
Responds to aftertouch: n/a
Sound generation method: PCM
MIDI: n/a
Sound expansion capabilities: n/a
Effects: n/a
Controls: n/a
Outputs: n/a
Display: n/a
Misc: n/a


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