Mini Accompaniment Keyboard

Casio MT-600

A cool little accompaniment keyboard.  Some surprisingly good synthy tones, and a pitch-bend wheel, which is rare for an older accompaniment keyboard (the range is fixed at +- one tone).

Classic late 1980s tones in glorious PCM, and even a mini-sequencer/recorder on board.  The usual Casio accompaniment section, stereo speakers, MIDI in and out.

Check out what it sounds like:



Casio MT-600 audio demos




Tone name with audio demo My comments
Blues Harmonica Realistic, and expressive thanks to the pitch bend wheel
Brass Ens Typical 'a bit synthy' 1980s Casio brass
Clarinet The classic hollow tone of a clarinet
Double Reed Works as accompaniment too
Elec Piano 1 A Rhodes emulation
Elec Piano 2 Nice tone, with a pleasant chorused feel
Explosion Standard sci-fi effect
Fantasy The classic Casio Fantasy tone
Funky Clavi Superb, expressive funky Clavinet tone
Harpsichord Realistic harpsichord sound
Jazz Organ Beautiful Hammond organ patch, fits for many musical genres, from Jazz to Lounge to Pop
Koto Synthesized koto
Light Harp Crispy tone
Magical Wind At the fair...
Marimba yep
Miracle Slow LFO synth
Pearl Drop Reedy organ
Piano 1 Honest sampled grand piano
Piano 2 A bit more Rock/Honky-Tonk
Pipe Organ Yes
Plunk Extend Red Alarm... Red Alarm!
Slash Reed Great funky sound!
Strings 1 Beautiful analog'ish synth strings
Strings 2 Filtered ana-strings
Symphonic Ens Outstanding synth tone
Synth-Bass Solid synth bass, with resonance
Synth-Bells Crystalline
Synth-Celesta Nice
Synth-Ens 1 Beautiful reso-synth
Synth-Ens 2 Thin synth
Synth-Guitar Yep
Synth-Harp Superb synth, fits well in the mix
Synth-Reed Plastic heaven
Synth-Strings Nice, solid synth strings
Synth-Vib 1 Curiously metalllic
Synth-Vib 2 More metallic sounds
Typhoon Sound The wind
Vibraphone 1 Yes
Vibraphone 2 Chorused version of the above
Violin Amusingly realistic





Rhythm name with audio demo My comments
Bossa Nova The classic Brazilian genre





Casio MT-600
Year of release: 198_
Polyphony: 8-note
Sound generation method: PCM
Preset memories 40
MIDI: in, out
Sound expansion capabilities: no
Sequencer yes
Arpeggiator no
Effects no
Velocity no
Aftertouch no


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Casio MT-600    Casio MT-600    Casio MT-600    Casio MT-600

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Casio MT-600 review with audio demo - November 23, 2008