Casiotone MT-68
"Electronic Musical Instrument"


Casio Casiotone MT-68 audio demos in .mp3

No external effects were used except an Alesis Quadraverb 2 in the last three examples


Stream all audio demos below:

Sound name with .mp3 demo My comments
performance 1 The MT-68 in full effect.  Organ tone, accompaniment, then switching to different tones.
performance 2 Ultra-cool retro-disco setup.
performance 3 Slow rock featuring the syncopated arpeggio.
organ Retro organ, warm and analog - similar to a Farfisa.
pipe organ Honest pipe organ representation.
flute Beautiful and gentle tone - great for New Age.
clarinet Nice nasal tone.
trumpet Plastic cool
horn Pleasantly analog sounding.
oboe Realistic emulation.
accordion Highly expressive sound.
violin Realistic.
cello Warm and fuzzy.
piano Totally retro and a signature Casio sound.
elec. piano Fake Rhodes.
harpsichord Hip!  Similar to the harpsichord used by The Doors and other bands of the era.
vibraphone Ok...
celesta Hypnotic
harp warm affair.
mandolin Mega-cool sound with repeat.
elec. guitar Surprisingly realistic when played in a certain style.  Add distortion.
funny and cool!
cosmic tone Digital sounding, fuzzy waveform.
rock The rebirth of cool.  Typical analog hip hop style.
bossanova A la Roland CR-78.
pops Retro pop.
samba Awesome for lounge music
disco Classic rhythm
beguine More CR-78
16 beat Extremely groovy rhythm!
tango Simple and effective.
swing Lacking a ride cymbal emulation in the machine.
waltz Ok.
latin swing Nice Latin beat.
slow rock Classic '60s beat.
Tweaked preset sounds
clarinet + envelopes Hollow and mysterious
cosmic tone + envelopes Quasi-synthesized!!!  Great for vocoding, probably.
elec. piano + envelopes Gentle and relaxed sweeping tone.
pipe organ + envelopes Great for soundtrack scoring.
+ FX
cosmic tone + Quadraverb2 ''Crystal Delays'' Delayed mayhem.. and ultra-mega-cool.
organ + Quadraverb2 ''Dream Stalker'' '70s style mix.
piano + Quadraverb2 ''Run Like Hell'' This keyboard is good for Kraftwerk.


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Casio MT-68 manual


Features at a glance
Year of release: 198_
Polyphony: total (?)
Sound generation method: analog
Preset memories 20 tones + 12 rhythms
MIDI: no
Sound expansion capabilities: no
Sequencer no
Arpeggiator yes
Effects vibrato, sustain/reverb
Touch sensitivity no
Aftertouch no




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