NY Dance
Acid-format loop CD


New York Dance features

Produced by Doug Beck
Edited and assembled by Jason Donnelly


NY Dance contains the following .wav folders:

Naturally every folder contains many different loops

New York Dance audio examples in mp3:


Techno Bass 02  - awesome old school (1990/91) techno line, reminiscent of AntiCappella

303 Bass 01  - sweet distorted Roland TB-303 loop, with delay and obligatory slide.

Bangin Loop 04  - tight tribal house loop.


I got this CD as a gift directly from Doug Beck when I bought his Roland MKS-80 from him.  Doug is a well-known producer and remixer.

He produced this collection for Sonic Foundry (now Sony).  And a fine collection it is!  Gritty, aggressive techno/dance loops; 303 loops; synth/piano lines, drum patterns etc. etc.  The documentation is minimal, though (It would have been nice to know what instruments were used in producing these loops...).

If you like the darker side of House, this is for you.