Philip Wolfe's Rock Keyboards - Hammond B-3 & Moog Synthesizers

Sample CD-ROM library in Roland S-770 and compatible format

Philip Wolfe's Rock Keyboards - Hammond B-3 & Moog Synthesizers is a CD-ROM collection that includes samples from Philip's own instruments.

The lion's share of this CD is given to the Hammond B-3, with a slant typically toward rock - indeed, many of the samples contain slight distortion/pre-amp saturation - just like many hard-rock keyboardists used to record and play their organs.

The organ is recorded in many different settings, conveniently labeled according to the "drawbar number" employed.  There are no velocity-switched slow to fast Leslie emulations, but there are a few patches where the slow to fast is sampled in the actual sound - and then it gets looped, continuously cycling through slow and fast.  While not glamorous, this is a valid solution that allows you to simulate the Leslie speeding up.


The Moog samples come in different variety, but again with a nod to classic rock.  Polysynth and polybrass, pads, analog strings, even a Taurus bass patch - and the best samples in the bunch, sample & hold modulated tones.

In order to use these CD-ROM you will need a SCSI CD-ROM drive connected to your S-series sampler or XV-5080.  Keep in mind that certain sound data will need 32MB of memory, supported only by the S-760.  The S-770 and 750 have less.


Greytsounds Philip Wolfe's Rock Keyboards audio demos

A Lexicon MPX-1 multi-effect processor was used to add reverb/ambience to the samples.


Volume name with audio demo My comments
001 3 Bar Direct Classic rock ballad organ
005 4 Bar with Percussion 2nd with added percussion
008 1235 Bar w Percussion 2nd Nicely overdriven, with a few more drawbars out - good for '70s Progressive styles
009 13469 Bar Subtle, church-like, also excellent for '70s Progressive.
015 Bass Pedals - 16' Slow Leslie - with Medium Distortion Powerful bass pedals through slow Leslie
018 - 6 Bars with Percussion 2nd - Slow to Fast Leslie - with Medium Distortion Supremely rock - Nice distortion and Leslie sim
019 3 Bars - Slow Leslie - with Light Distortion Perfect background for many songs
025 6 Bars - Slow to Fast Leslie - with Medium Distortion The "looping Leslie" technique
028 9 Bars - Fast Leslie - Medium Distortion Charming church organ
031 Polysynth Nice '70s flavored polysynths.
036 Square Wave Polysynth Square wave synth
040 Fat & Warm Pads Nicely "out of tune" oscillator-drifting analog
043 Taurus Pedals Deep
044 Analog Strings Classic ana-strings
049 Sample & Hold - Modulation to Oscillator The power of the Moog



Greytsounds Philip Wolfe's Rock Keyboards specifications


Year of release: 1995
Sound generation method:  
Preset memories  
Sound expansion capabilities:  


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Greytsounds Philip Wolfe's Rock Keyboards manuals

I put together a .pdf of the CD leaflet:

Philip Wolfe's Rock Keyboards.pdf



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