sound expansion card


The second of the four official Roland cards that were produced at the time the D-50 and D-550 were released.  Contains great piano, keyboard, bass, guitar, percussion, synth, and special FX.  These days, you can find all four of these cards in the public domain on the Internet, as sysex data.

Roland PN-D50-02 audio demos in .mp3



Stream all the .mp3 examples below as an .m3u playlist

Individual listening: 


Preset name with  audio demo My comments
11 Synthetic Piano 1 Honest reproduction of a grand piano.
12 Upright Pianer This is similar but maybe a bit better than the the "Piano-Fifty" patch.
13 Loud Piano Solid analog piano, for rock 'n' roll.
14 Tack Piano Excellent cabaret piano patch.
15 Synthetic Piano 2 Another classic electronic piano.
16 High Piano High Octaves.
17 Two Part Invention Standard classical harpsichord.
18 HarpsichordCoupler Variation of the above.
21 Electric Piano Classic FM Rhodes.
22 Xmod Attack EPiano Beautiful, glassy FM Rhodes.  In 1987, when the D-50 was produced, the influence of the Yamaha DX7 was still strong.  This is a homage to the famous DX7 electric piano patch.
23 Harmonic E-Piano Another variant.
24 Reluctant E-Piano Again, a beautiful FM electric.
25 Tines Lotsa tines!
26 Old Clav Classic, biting Hohner Clavinet.
27 Painful Clav Digital Clavinet.
28 Flanging Clav With flanging effect.
31 Guitar Frets Spacious acoustic guitar sound.
32 Jazz Guitar Realistic, full-bodied hollow body guitar.
33 Spanishart Flamenco guitar.
34 Acoustic Guitr Box Nice acoustic
35 Harp Realistic, pretty
36 Koto Great Koto patch!!!
37 Sitar Nice ambience
38 Hawaiian Palms Ukulele on the left, Pedal Steel on the right
41 Marimba Uncanny marimba patch!
42 Xylophone Nice xylophone
43 Glockenspiel Realistic.
44 Jamaican Steel Awesomely detuned!
45 Perc AAAH Cool synthoid.
46 Tremolo BrassBells Fluid, gluey analog combi.
47 I S I S B E A U T Y !!!  The pinnacle of L.A. synthesis.
48 Xylo Gate Gated reverb was heavily used during the '80s.
51 SambaDrum n Agogo Realistic, great setup!
52 Drums Set 1 Good approximation of drums.  The D-50 didn't have sampled drum waveforms in its ROM.  For that, you had to wait til the D-20 and D-10/110 came out.
53 Drums Set 2 Variation on the above.
54 Percussion Set 1 Very useful amalgam of percussive sounds.
55 Gron Percussion Strange percussion.
56 Bell Tree Very realistic and enchanting.
57 Serrengetti Excellent ethnic setup, like you would find on the Serengeti.
58 Bellocell Strange but nice.
61 Fingered Bass Meaty bass sound.
62 Slap Bass 1 A bit digital.
63 Slap It Nice, chorused, and funky!
64 Picked Bass Useful.
65 Fretless Bass Great for fusion.
66 Acoustic Bass Realistic and groundbreaking at the time.
67 Synth Bass 2 Classic powerful, digital-meets-analog Roland synth bass.  Reminds me of certain sounds found on Roland's own JD-800/990.
68 SlapBass-SynBrass Classic split.
71 Stringz n Bellz Outstanding patch that reminds me of a similar patch on a Yamaha SY/TG55 card set.
72 Bright Wave 1980s!
73 Gotham Chords More 1980s
74 Wonderwave Classy digital
75 Gamelan Bells 2 Gorgeous bell ensemble!!!
76 Ethnic Fifths Unusual and refined
77 Japanese Duo 1 Classic Japanese string and wind instruments
77 Japanese Duo 2 Classic Japanese percussion and wind instruments.
81 AQUA A masterpiece of synthesizer programming!  I've always loved this water patch.
82 Jet Wars Very good.
83 Orchestra Hit Powerful orchestra setup.
84 Clock Factory Classic D-50 ROM loops
85 Gunfire - Ricochet Nice
86 Fast Forward Cool
87 Air Raid Siren Another outstanding programming job!!!!  Very, very good!
88 Sweep Loop on C Sweet electronica patch.