sound expansion card

The third of the four official Roland cards that were produced at the time the D-50 and D-550 were released.  Contains awesome strings, woodwinds, and choirs.  These days, you can find all four of these cards in the public domain on the Internet, as sysex data.

Roland PN-D50-03 audio demos



Stream all the  examples below as an .m3u playlist

Individual listening: 


Preset name with audio demo My comments
11 String Section Realistic and expressive string section.
12 Syn-Strings Hi Classic analog strings.
13 Tension Strings Nervous strings.
14 Planetary Strings Cosmic orchestral strings.
15 Symphony Orchestra Lovely reverb.
16 Analog Syn-Strings More analog goodness
17 Crescendo Strings Just what the name says.
18 Warm Strings Pad Great analog synpad
21 Vibrato Cello Digital cello
22 String Quartette Realistic and effective.
23 Pizz Typewriter Variation of the famous Pizzagogo patch.
24 Strings Horns Mixed instruments
25 Strings ElecPiano Ok.
26 High-Strings Oboe Middle-Eastern sounding combination
27 Cello-ViolaPiccolo Effective.
28 Bass-PianoStrings That's what it is.
31 Powerful Brass Typical LA brass.
32 Mute Trumpet Nice room reverb
33 Westerly Brass Awesome 80s synth brass
34 Flugel Horn Breathy, realistic
35 Eye Brasspad Reminds of certain sounds on the Yamaha SY/TG77 synths.
36 Trumpetters Very realistic trumpet ensemble
37 Pressure 5th Horns Great for Fusion solos.
38 Pianish Horns Interesting combo.
41 Baritone Saxophone Growl sax
42 Silver Saxophones Nice for Christmas and 70s easy listening.
43 Saxcessive Tones Great combo.
44 Synthesized Sax Another killer Fusion solo synth.
45 Growl Saxophone Very growly.
46 Sopranino Sax Very high-pitched
47 Xarmonica Cross between a sax and a harmonica?
48 Happy Whistler Outstanding patch - It absolutely sounds like someone whistling.
51 Breathy Flute Vibrato flute
52 Bohemian Orchestral flute, nice
53 Recorder Woody recorder patch
54 Breeze Pipe Works for many genres.
55 Flutes Ensemble Mellotronish in nature.
56 Woodwinds Nice and realistic
57 Pipe Bags Mega cool and realistic bagpipe patch!  Note the low C that keeps going, just like the real thing...
58 Vibe n Clarinet Intriguing, mysterious jazzy patch
61 Heavy Metal Lead Yep
62 Monophonic Lead Deliciously analog.
63 Pulse Lead Gentle pulse wave
64 Squeeze Lead Another lead
65 Energetical Lead Full of energy
66 Monotone Lead Subdued but nice
67 Harmonics Lead Okay
68 Metallic Lead Very metallic but also woody.
71 Jazz Organ Very nice jazz Hammond organ
72 Huge Pipes Another contender, but I still think the "Cathedral" patch is best.
73 Velocity Rotor Full Leslie on.
74 Choral Organ Beautiful and sweet organ + choir patch.
75 Click Organ Nice emulation.
76 Solid Beat Strange piano
77 Wavy Motion Super synth, very wavy!
78 Pressure Generator Expressive.
81 Whispy Vox Lovely Fairlight-style 8-bit vox.
82 Alpha Omega Enseml Enigmatic choir
83 Vox n Sawz Beautiful pad
84 4th Synth Vox Odd and nice
85 Husky Voices Another excellent Fairlight-inspired patch.
86 Stereo Panorama Awesome - and a few years before the Wavestation came!
87 Voyageur Perfect 1980s choir synth pad
88 Glass Voices 2 Magnificent variation of the "Glass Voices" internal patch.  To die for.