Digital Multi Effector

This is a cool, old funky unit from the late '80s.  I think it's a bit underrated, because it offers quite a lot of different effects - basically the little brother of the SPX90 - it's very flexible, dead easy to program, and small & compact.

For those of you who remember the digital effects of the magic '80s, this is a machine that can offer them in spades.  Even the digital distortions typical of the era are well represented.  The delay/echoes in particular are very good on this machine, and the reverbs - while not sparkly and full of detail - have plenty of character.  This multi effect is good for any instrument, from keys, to guitar, bass, and vox.



Yamaha REX50 audio demos in .mp3

I used a Roland JV-2080 (expanded) with its internal effects turned off. I fed the 2080's stereo outs directly into the REX50 ins.  The dry sound is played first, followed by the processed version.


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Effect with audio sample My comments
01 - REV 1 HALL Classic hall.  There seems to be a hint of chorus also, in this preset.  Nice.
02 - REV 2 ROOM Smaller room, warm.
03 - REV 3 VOCAL Nice platey vocal reverb
04 - REV 4 PLATE Great and realistic!!!`
05 EARLY REF. 1 Typical '80s, and very good!  Warm and nice.
06 GATE REVERB In full Phil Collins style
07 DELAY L,R Awesome delay program!  It really sounds like a tape-based delay!!!
08 STEREO ECHO Very cool and techno
09 STEREO FLANGE Typical '80s pedal flanger style.
10 CHORUS More '80s for you.
11 STEREO PHASING Gentle phaser effect.
12 SYMPHONIC Here I'm just hitting the bypass button - you can clearly hear the effect.  Great!
13 REVERSE GATE Fantastic reverse gate, sounds like something John Lennon would record!
14 ADR-NOISE GATE Useful noise gate.
15 COMPRESSOR Perfectly usable compressor, it actually sounds nice!
16 REVERB & GATE More '80s coming your way...
17 PITCH CHANGE A Very cool, albeit crude pitch changer!
18 PITCH CHANGE B This one allows to make three-part harmonies.
19 PITCH CHANGE C And this one spreads out the harmonies in the stereo field.
20 PAN I tweaked this preset a little bit - to make it sound like a tremolo effect a la David Lynch/Angelo Badalamenti.
21 DISTORTION Aaaaaahhh... and here we have the typical digital distortion of the '80s.  Love it or hate it, it's a particular sound.
22 DIST.+REV HALL Doesn't sound too bad...
23 DIST.+REV PLATE See?  Digital distortion can sound warm and analog!!!
25 D.+REVERSE GATE Reminds me of Bowie for some reason.
26 DIST.+ DELAY Supremely techno.
27 DIST.+ ECHO More of the above.
28 DIST.+ FLANGE Like hearing a rock song from the '80s.
29 DIST.+ CHORUS Hair metal.


Yamaha REX50 pictures (click on thumbnails to enlarge)

Yamaha REX50 Features
Features at a glance
Year of release: 1987/88
Display: yes, LCD numeric only, red on black
Preset Effects: 30 in ROM, 60 RAM
Sound generation method: PCM
MIDI: in only
Sound expansion capabilities: n/a
Outputs: Two stereo ins, two stereo outs
Controls: buttons only (classic digital era..)


Yamaha REX50 Manual

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