Yamaha S5502 - Drums 1


Sound card set composed of the D5502-01 data card and W5502 waveform card.  Expands the SY/TG55 with 64 new patches, 14 new multi setups, and 12 new waveforms.  Besides usable, punchy drum samples which are the focus of this card, it features several excellently programmed patches, such as the beautiful "Synbad", "MoviStr" and "Fantasy".

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No. Preset name Audio demo My comments

Voices 1-8

Nice selection of punchy bass drum, snare and hi-hat sounds, across the keyboard, M1 style.
C02 BD1-C2  Resonant kind of Bass drum all across the keyboard.  C2 is the original sample key.
C03 SD1-C2 Country style snare all across the keyboard.
C04 SD1Rim Funky snare sound, hit close to the rim.
C05 SD2-C2 Powerful snare sound, in a large room.
C06 SDR Rim Another variation of country snare.
C07 Rack Tom In a large room.
C08 FloTom Floor tom, not very exciting.
C09 MultiHT Voices 9-16 Great velocity-switch hi-hat sounds.
C10 SD1Mond Snare 1 with reverb.
C11 SD2Mond Snare 2 with more reverb.
C12 SD3Mond Country snare with more reverb.
C13 Ct/Rim Nice country snare.
C14 SD2Gate Not-so-fast release gated snare
C15 BDGate As above, for bass drum.
C16 OpnShut Useful velocity-switch hi-hat, across the board.
C17 BDSD3HT Voices 17-24 Bass drum, snare and hi-hat across the board.
C18 BDSD1HT Same as above with different snare sound.
C19 BDSDrHT See above.
C20 AllToms Two nice tom sounds across the keyboard.
C21 RezBaz Synthetic standard resonant bass.
C22 DistGtr "Long-hair" 80's heavy metal guitar, chorused and with lots of reverb.
C23 Epic Choir with a synthetic edge.
C24 DCOLead Ironically, this lead sounds softly analog.  Aftertouch bends the note 1/2 a step.  MW adds an interesting vibrato effect.
C25 Breath Voices 25-32 Breathy choir sound.
C26 Synbad GREAT synthesizer sound, with bell and pulse-wave elements.  MW emphasizes brass character.  80's vibe.
C27 SpdMetl Speed Metal style solo guitar, with slapback delay.
C28 RtryBee Obviously, Rotary B3.  The Leslie effect is pretty convincing, but the speed is set slow and the MW doesn't change it.
C29 Chorale Another choir sound, with pitch-slide effect and a volume fluctuation.
C30 Chance Reminds of the early 80's analog polyphonic synths' brass emulations.
C31 StrtGtr Standard Stratocaster sound, with the limitations (short loops) of older technology.
C32 PlseBas Analog sounding synth bass.  Aftertouch adds vibrato, MW opens the filter.
C33 SaxSyn Voices 33-40 Sax and synth.  Aftertouch bends it 1/2 a tone.  Useful for solos
C34 Piano 2 Well programmed.  Softer sound than the ROM preset.  Good for jazz or classical.
C35 SoftBrs Just what it says.
C36 Arpegi8 Nice filtered guitar sound that introduces female voice after 1/2 second.  When arpeggiated (provided you play in a legato manner or press the sustain pedal, if not the voice sound doesn't start) the sound assumes an hypnotic, eerie quality.
C37 FltSyn Analog synth like many other presets.
C38 BrsSctn Pretty realistic sounding brass section.
C39 WoodBas Well programmed contrabass sound that also utilizes a guitar string sample to emulate the resonance of the strings on the body.
C40 PercBas Groovy reso synth bass.
C41 PnchBas Voices 41-48 Okay, but the loop is short.
C42 SqreBas Square wave synth bass.
C43 MoviStr Beautiful and lush sounding movie soundtrack strings.  Inspiring.
C44 Marimba Why does it get drowned in reverb in the high octaves?
C45 Knocks Highly percussive, nail-polished tine Rhodes sound.
C46 BariSyn Similar to many other sounds in this synth.
C47 FltAnlg Filtered analog sound.  Again, similar to other presets on-board
C48 Monica Pop harmonica sound.  Aftertouch introduces useful bending.
C49 AnnaStg Voices 49-56 Nice rendition of an analog synth's strings emulation. 
C50 LayrSax Okay sax sound.  Usefully, volume on MW.
C51 SynPipe Lyle Mays' Oberheim 4 voice synth solo style patch.  Reminds of the "Whistling Soldiers" patch of the D-50 in the high octaves.
C52 SynapBr Octave brass sound.  All-band  pass filter.
C53 CosOrch Cosmic Orchestra?  Mmmh...
C54 Loony Yep.  Good job on the programming, with aftertouch bending and weird sounds coming in and out.
C55 Shimmer Good sound to score Sci-Fi TV shows.  The U.F.O. is in the sky.
C56 BigOHM Male vocals and synth sound.
C57 Creepy Voices 57-64 Choir, bells and strings for an horror movie.
C58 SmplHld Good standard filter sample and hold effect.  Tight envelope so you can play melodies.
C59 Fantasy Cinematic dreamy sound.
C60 St Mick Synth sound with funky bell sounds when keys are released.
C61 LateOct Synth with choirs that trigger one after the other and resonant filter effects.
C62 Landing Obviously the pilot of this U.F.O. wasn't very good, because it crashed.
C63 CardKit Percussion galore
C64 All Dr More Percussion galore



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