Yamaha S5504 - brass section


Sound card set composed of the D5504-01 data card and W5504 waveform card.  Expands the SY/TG55 with 64 new patches, 14 new multi setups, and 6 new waveforms.  The focus of this card set is brass, but we can also find great organ and guitar patches.

Yamaha S5504 Brass Section audio demos in .mp3 format:


No. Name Audio examples My comments
C01 ForteTP Voices 1-8.mp3 Loud trumpet with slapback effect
C02 fpTrpts Trumpets with volume and MW filter controls.
C03 Trpts Lip trumpet sound
C04 SoftTps With filter control on MW.  Good sound when MW is used.
C05 ShakeTp Shake is a minor third pitch bend effect on aftertouch.  MW brightens the sound up.
C06 Pow!Brs Jazz orchestra style brass "falls".
C07 PowHigh As above an octave up.
C08 Tp+MWTs MW calls up more players.
C09 Tenors Voices 9-16.mp3 No, not Pavarotti and friends: tenor saxophones.
C10 fpTenrs MW high-filters the sound.
C11 SfzTnrs Tenor saxes with sforzando effect.
C12 SoftTns Yet another sax section sound - well, the name of this card is Brass Section, after all.
C13 TpORTns Trumpets or tenors determined by the MW.
C14 Tp/Tn Tenor and trumpets split.
C15 Tnr/Pad Sweet tenor section.
C16 Tp/Valv Trumpets with valve noise.
C17 Bariton Voices 17-24.mp3 Fairly convincing baritone sax.
C18 fpBaris High pass filter on the MW.
C19 Sfz Tps Sforzato effect
C20 T+MWBri Tenor saxes with MW brightness control.
C21 BrshBri Brash sounding baritone saxophone.
C22 3pcCmb1 Piano, brass and a ride cymbal.
C23 ?pcComb Vibraphone, brass and a ride cymbal.
C24 3pcComb2 Contrabass, brass and a ride cymbal.  The nicest combo of the three.
C25 ClickHmd Voices 25-32.mp3 B3 sound with key click and slow rotor effect.
C26 ElecGtr Uninspiring electric guitar.
C27 Mtd Gtr Muted guitar with too much delay.
C28 VelComp Same, with velocity switch.
C29 ClavCmp Synthetic sounding clavi, suitable for comp and solos.
C30 Dist Ld Sligthly distorted variation on the Lucky Man solo sound, with delay.
C31 WidePop Good electric bass sound.
C32 SqrBass Useful synth bass sound.
C33 HrdTpts Voices 33-40.mp3 Good trumpet section.
C34 Big Brs Synthesizer brass section with vibrato.
C35 Big Syn Similar to the GX1 preset in ROM.
C36 OrchBrs Nice rendition of an orchestra brass section, in a medium hall.
C37 Brodway Yet another synth brass sound.
C38 Santana Great overdriven guitar a' la Santana.
C39 Dist Ld Another synth lead with delay.
C40 AnBrSwl Analog brass swell.
C41 Trpt->S Voices 41-48.mp3 Velocity switched trumpet/s.  Switches to trumpets too easily for my touch, but it's easy to fix: just adjust the switch parameters.
C42 Trmb->S Same with trombones.
C43 SoloSax Good to play the Pink Panther theme.
C44 FlglPad Good Flugelhorn but why so much oscillator pitch bending?
C45 BigBand Swing orchestra style brass.
C46 TwnCrch Very nice small town church organ sound.  Filter's on the MW.
C47 BriPipe Great pipe organ sound.
C48 FanfBrs A fanfare sound shouldn't have this much reverb.
C49 RealSct Voices 49-56.mp3 To quote Seinfeld, they are real, and they are spectacular.  Not quite, but it's a good sound.
C50 LA Sect City of Angels brass.
C51 Sax Ens Jazzy sax section.
C52 Fantsia From Disney's Fantasia orchestral score?  Nice strings and brass, MW toggles brass out.
C53 Ochstra Slow attack and lots of reverb.
C54 Ominous Cinematic sounding brass and strings.
C55 MdrnOch Choir and brass.
C56 Movie M Reverberant strings and choir.
C57 MdnFanf Voices 57-64.mp3 Adds choir a fourth down.
C58 VelFall Clever velocity switch to obtain a brass fall effect.
C59 Dark Pf Highly expressive piano sound, suitable for classical music.
C60 BritePf Not so great piano sound.  For rock.
C61 Tines Dreamy Rhodes sound but the tremolo intensity is too much.
C62 AnalSet This is not an enema kit, rather a Simmons/808 style drum set.
C63 DancSet Good, punchy drum sounds.
C64 AcDrSet More drum sounds, jazz style.


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