Yamaha S5531 - SYN WAVE 1


Yamaha S5531 Syn Wave 1 audio demos in .mp3 format:

Sound card set composed of the D5531-01 data card and W5531 waveform card.  Expands the SY/TG55 with 64 new patches and 16 new waveforms.  Focus in on synth waveforms.  In particular, "NewroStr" is a great synth string waveform:


No. Name Audio examples My comments
C01 1990th Voices 1-8.mp3 Brass sound that is curiously analog and realistic sounding at the same time.
C02 Majesty Lush and full synth strings.
C03 Active Early 80's polyphonic analog synth style brass sound.
C04 Heavy Another synth bass sound.
C05 Pluck'n Synth bass from the 80's.
C06 DreamPd String pad.
C07 Noble Nice Baroque strings for scoring.
C08 Sunrise Slightly detuned synthesizer sound reminiscent of Keith Emerson style.  The sun rises with the MW.
C09 Synfony Voices 9-16.mp3 Great Moog emulation.  Lots of reverb.
C10 Glassy Sparkling Rhodes sound.
C11 Twinbel Cool percussion/marimba sound.
C12 Dazling Digital sounding comp synth.
C13 Elepian Not so special electric piano.
C14 "Hit!!" Orchestra hit + crash.
C15 Grandum Synth horns with filtered attack.
C16 KeenBR Brass and metal noise.
C17 Mild. Voices 17-24.mp3 Gentler analog brass.
C18 Tight Fast envelope synth brass.
C19 +Horn And yet another synth brass sound!
C20 Metaliz Too many synth brass sounds in this card...
C21 Pop. They just won't stop.
C22 Rezo Cool Techno bass with resonance.
C23 Metal FM'ish synth bass.
C24 Kick! Moog'ish synth bass.
C25 SynEGtr Voices 25-32.mp3 Definitely not a synth electric guitar, if that's what the programmer meant in the abbreviation.  Come on, it's another synth brass sound!
C26 StrDust Aaah... Here's a great one!  I'm a sucker for these kinds of dreamy, romantic sounds!
C27 Drop Quick, somebody call the plumber to fix the drain pipe!
C28 Twiligt Maybe it's because I like Ennio Morricone a lot, but strings and synth strings... I love them all.  These have a choir in them, too.
C29 Wind ...chimes, I suppose.
C30 DigiGtr Sounds like a... digi guitar!
C31 OldPoly Too clean and digital too sound like an old analog poly.
C32 ResoClv Synth clavi sound that works as a bass, too.
C33 PanPipe Voices 33-40.mp3 Good for those drunken renditions of "El Condor Pasa".  Or for New Age.
C34 Mellow What's this?  Another synth brass mixed with acoustic guitar?
C35 Melanco 70's style synthesizer.
C36 Lonely Chiffy and nice synth pad.
C37 SparkCH A choir with an electric piano attack.
C38 Woody Good to score a scene of a Disney cartoon.
C39 Glsphon Nice percussive sound with breathy attack.
C40 Dulcium A strange plucked sound, a cross between a harpsichord, a piano and a guitar.
C41 Clicker Voices 41-48.mp3 Does what it says.
C42 Glsimba Nice.  Glass marimba.
C43 ItoChim The Itopia sample + a chime sound.
C44 SynWave Cool sound effect, with pitch slide and warbly filter effect.
C45 Success The synth brass sounds are back!
C46 Apollo Nice spacey sound, good to score Sci-Fi, lost in space kind of movies.
C47 Illusion Okay solo sound.
C48 Be Hot! Great emulation of a Hammond, 60's style.
C49 Steel Voices 49-56.mp3 Very metallic acoustic piano.
C50 Cutting Piano with a click.
C51 StrngPF Good ol' piano+strings sound.
C52 MIDI PF A cross between an acoustic and an electric piano.
C53 Fairy Breathy electric piano.
C54 Shinin' Another glassy electric piano
C55 Fredy Scary sound for scary scenes.
C56 Stadium Bass and snare with reverse gate reverb.
C57 BD&SD Voices 57-64.mp3 Processed bass and snare drums.
C58 HiHats Processed open and closed hi-hats
C59 Pc&Reso Analog conga and zap sounds.
C60 Claves Claves with nice reverb.
C61 Claps Synthetic sounding hand claps.
C62 Cowbel The TR-808 cowbell.
C63 Electry Electronic sounding processed drum-set.
C64 Dance Nice, tight drums.


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