Yamaha S5551 - rock & Pop


Yamaha S5551 Rock & Pop audio demos in .mp3 format:

Sound card set composed of the D5551-01 data card and W5551 waveform card.  Expands the SY/TG55 with 64 new patches, 16 new multi setups, and 18 new waveforms.  An excellent card, useful for many genres, in particular pop:


No. Name Audio examples My comments
C01 Trooper Voices 1-8.mp3 Super synth pad with breathy noise.
C02 Space EP Highly "produced" electric piano.
C03 Space AP Crisp acoustic piano with nice reverb, suitable for New Age.
C04 Cirrus Breathy "in the clouds" pad.
C05 ClickOr Variation of the same Hammond sound
C06 Saraga Clavinet pad.
C07 MoogBas A' la Minimoog.
C08 Heavy D Super distorted heavy metal guitar.
C09 Nimbus Voices 9-16.mp3 Brassy analog pad.
C10 Cumulus Vocal pad with slow, resonating filter.
C11 Spaces Reedy pad with slow, resonating filter.
C12 Dream Synthetic pad.
C13 BrassPd Fast attack electronic pad.
C14 Howard Hollow sound solo.
C15 Dualing Doubled piano sound.
C16 Windkey Flute&Piano pad.
C17 DI Bass Voices 17-24.mp3 Direct inject bass (straight to the mixer).
C18 FunkUp! Slap bass.
C19 Velobas Synth bass.  Velocity opens filter.
C20 Resobas Moog'ish bass with reso.
C21 Basseq. Good for sequences.
C22 Electic New Age/Pop Electric Piano
C23 Mellow Bright electric piano.
C24 AirPad Rhodes with pad.  Good for ballads.
C25 Clavi Voices 25-32.mp3 Honest reproduction of Hohner Clavinet.
C26 Sara.2 With more vibrato.
C27 Muted Velocity switched muted guitar.
C28 Sustain Electric guitar with lots of sustain.
C29 Akustic Sounds like a Martin.
C30 Synld 1 Trumpet like lead synth.
C31 Synld 2 Square lead.
C32 Dist.L. Jan Hammer style synth lead, fading in feedback.
C33 Syntec Voices 33-40.mp3 Synth comp sound.
C34 Funky! Duck with seasickness!  No, really a synth with a wah-wah filter effect.
C35 Andy K. Comp synth.
C36 Crimba Nice woody percussive sound.
C37 Mar/Elc Marimba with delay.
C38 Bellvib Nice bellish vibraphone.
C39 Belltre Great sample of a bell tree.
C40 OrchHit Percussive orchestra hit.
C41 BrsSec1 Voices 41-48.mp3 Good brass section.
C42 Stabbrs Pop smaller brass section.
C43 SaxSect Same but with saxophones.
C44 BrsSec2 Slower attack brass section.
C45 Bellbrs Solo synth great for Fusion style.
C46 Bellhrn Similar to above but not great.
C47 Fat55 And another brass sound...
C48 Jupiter Synth solo sound with funky attack.
C49 Trumpld Voices 49-56.mp3 Trumpet with delay.
C50 Trumpts Medieval sounding.  "His Majesty, the King!"  "Po-popopo-po-poh!"
C51 Horns With slow attack.
C52 Flute Nice and realistic, with lots of breath.
C53 Unison Synth strings.
C54 DeepBow Analog strings.
C55 Syn-pad Standard synth pad.
C56 Chimes Strings and chimes.
C57 St.Mik2 Voices 57-64.mp3 Choir with glass pieces rattling and strange envelopes.
C58 Spectre Choir with a ghost inside.
C59 Climber Strings, with one oscillator gliding up one octave..
C60 Silica Another gliding pad
C61 Neurone Synthetic jungle animals.
C62 Stal.Ex Lots of EG pitch effect.
C63 R&P Set Nice Rock and Pop drum set.
C64 FX Set Drums and strange effects.


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