SC-50 Sound Canvas
GM/GS module

The SC-50 (SC stands for Sound Canvas) is basically a slimmed down version of the first GM module, the SC-55.

General MIDI is a standard developed primarily by Roland, and now adopted in almost all new synthesizers/keyboards.  The General MIDI protocol divides the factory patches in several families.

The sounds contained in this little unit are perhaps surprisingly very good.  The basses, piano and vibraphone in particular are quite strong.

Roland SC-50 audio demos in mp3


SC-50 internal Demo Song:  Low Flying


Stream all audio demos below:

Sound name with mp3 demo My comments
001_Piano 1 Classy grand piano.  Similar to the classic piano sound found in Roland's own Roland U-20 (and module U-220).  Suitable for many genres.
003_Piano 3 Bright rock 'n' roll piano.
004_Honky-tonk Don't shoot the piano player.
005_E.Piano 1 Super tine action in this jazzy, mellow, sparkly Rhodes sound.
024[]60's E.Piano EQ'd electric piano, a cross between a Wurlitzer and an old Fender Rhodes.
016[]E.Piano 2v (+ chorus) Super sugary DX piano - typically '80s.  I'm using the internal chorus fx.
007_Harpsichord Realistic and full-bodied.
010_Glockenspiel Sugar Plum Fairies.
012_Vibraphone Surprisingly realistic vibraphone.  Very dreamy and jazzy.
017_Organ 1 Typical electric organ sound - very retro.  Perfect for "Summer Samba".
016[]60's Organ 1 Awesome Vox combo sound!!!  The Doors in a box.
008[]Accordion It Great emulation of an accordion, Italian style.  There's also a French style one.
000[]Harmonica A la Stevie.
025_Nylon-str.Gt Honest and clean acoustic guitar with nylon strings.
000[]Jazz Gt. Great programming, great jazz tone.
008[]Hawaiian Gt. The typical island sound.
008[]12-str.Gt Beautiful, calm 12-string guitar.  Very '60s.
033_Acoustic Bs. Very well-sampled jazz contrabass.
000[]Fingered Bs. Brand new strings, bridge pickup.. early '80s style.
000[]Synth Bass 1 Very nice 808-State/Orbital "happy" bass type.
001[]SynthBass101 Presumably inspired by Roland SH-101 classic monosynth.
016[]Rubber Bass Fantastic synth bass.  Great filtering effect controlled by velocity.
000[]Slow Strings Beautiful string orchestra.  I maxed up the on-board reverb for this example.
053_Choir Aahs Classic early '90s sampled choir.
054_Voice Oohs The ubiquitous Roland "dooh" sample set.
057_Trumpet Realistic.
000[]Alto Sax Honest sax sound.
080_Ocarina Yay!!!  What great sound!!!
008[]Doctor Solo Typical '70s fusion solo sound.  Played with a little bit of portamento.
089_Fantasia The classic Roland D-50 preset.
092 Space Voice Inspired sci-fi kind of sound.
095 Halo Pad Cool resonating filter polysynth.
097_Ice Rain Nice new age pad, with falling snow crystals.
101_Brightness Fairlight type of sound.
106_Banjo Excellent sampled banjo.
110 Bag Pipe Outstanding sampled bagpipes.  Straight from Scotland's hills.
112 Shanai Cool and hypnotic sampled shenai - aka the Indian snakecharmer.
115_Steel Drums Excellent reproduction of the classic Calypso instrument.
124_Bird Chirp chirp.
000[]Gun Shot Far West.
003[]Car-Pass Daytona.
001''STANDARD Studio drum set.
017''POWER Great power drums - very '80s.
026''TR-808 The classic analog set.
057''SFX Lots of Special FX.


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Roland SC-50 manual

PDF Manual at Roland site :

  • Review in "Keyboard magazine" Janfebmarch 198___
  • Light and portable;
  • Strong, solid sounds;
  • Standard for MIDI and Multimedia work;
  • Excellent quality for the price.
Features at a glance
Year of release:  
Sound generation method: PCM
Preset memories  
MIDI: yes,
Sound expansion capabilities: no
Sequencer no
Arpeggiator no
Effects yes
Touch sensitivity yes
Aftertouch no




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