Roland SH-2000
 Analog monophonic synthesizer with aftertouch

Wonderful analog monosynth from the 1970s.  Although mostly a preset instrument, it features lots of parameters that make the SH-2000 incredibly EXPRESSIVE, firstly because of its aftertouch, routable to several parameters like volume, Wow, Growl, Vibrato, and Pitch Bend.

Most of the sounds actually sound very realistic!

Incredible, true, "fat" analog sound of the '70s.

30 presets


Roland SH-2000 audio demos

01 Tuba

02 Trombone

03 French Horn

04 Trumpet

05 Saxophone

06 Bassoon

07 Oboe

08 Flute

09 Clarinet

10 Cello

11 Violin

12 Bass Guitar

13 Hawaiian Guitar

14 Banjo

15 Fuzz Guitar 1

16 Fuzz Guitar 2

17 Piano

18 Harpsichord

19 Accordion

20 Vibraphone

21 Xylophone

22 Singing Voice

23 Song Whistle

24 Pop Corn

25 Space Reed

26 Planet

27 Frogman

28 Funny Cat

29 Growl Wow

30 Wind






Roland SH-2000 specs
Year of release: 197_
Polyphony: monophonic
Sound generation method: analog
Preset memories 30
MIDI: n/a
Sound expansion capabilities: no
Sequencer no
Arpeggiator no
Velocity no
Aftertouch Yes
Keyboard 37


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Roland SH-2000 manual




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Roland SH-2000 review with audio demo - May 30, 2012