Yamaha SHS-10

The SHS-10 is a delightful little guitar-shaped keyboard from the 80's.  Sounds based on FM.

It came in red, white, and black.

Yamaha SHS-10 audio demos


FACTORY DEMO SONG (George Michael's "Last Christmas"!)


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Voice name with audio demo My comments
00 SYNTHESIZER Effective and analog-sounding synth tone.  Adding portamento, vibrato and sustain from the left hand control add expressivity.
01 JAZZ ORGAN Cute organ tone.
02 PIPE ORGAN Chapel organ.
03 PIANO Classic FMish piano tone.
04 HARPSICHORD Very nice classical harpsichord.
10 ELECTRIC PIANO Gentle FM electric piano
11 CELESTA Sparkly tone
12 VIBRAPHONE Beautiful! and expressive
13 MARIMBA Very solid, and realistic!
14 STEEL DRUM Ok approximation.
21 CELLO Very nice
22 JAZZ GUITAR Very jazzy and melodic.
23 ROCK GUITAR Nice!!  Great fuzz tone.
24 WOOD BASS Awesome!!!  A great FM bass - like it could come from a TX81Z
30 TRUMPET Honest tone
31 TROMBONE Great rendition!
32 HORN Realistic and expressive`
33 SAXOPHONE mmmh....
34 CLARINET Cool tone
40 FLUTE Nice vibrato
41 OBOE Realistic
42 HARMONICA Great for solos
43 WHISTLE Charming little whistling tone!
44 MUSIC BOX Dreamy



Stream all audio demos below

Style name with  demo My comments
00 RHYTHM&BLUES 1 Great groovy, funky number with excellent syncopated bass
01 RHYTHM&BLUES 2 Nice R 'n' B, very '60s
02 FUSION 1 Classy
03 FUSION 2 The "Last Christmas" preset! :-)
04 SLOW ROCK Nice ballad
10 SWING GUITAR Dreamy and jazzy
11 BIG BAND Classy '40s/'50s big band setup
12 DIXIE BANJO Great trombone/tuba
13 BOOGIE-WOOGIE Excellent programming
14 JAZZ WALTZ Fantastic groove
20 ROCK'N'ROLL 1 Great '60s vibe
21 ROCK'N'ROLL 2 Same as above.
23 HARD ROCK '80s rock
24 REGGAE Could you be loved
30 BOSSA NOVA The usual girl
31 SAMBA Brazil
32 TANGO Argentina
33 COUNTRY Nashville
34 BLUEGRASS Cool banjos
40 MARCH 1 Yep
41 MARCH 2 Yes
42 LULLABY Sleep
43 BAROQUE Vivaldi
44 FANFARE Wendy Carlos


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Yamaha SHS-10 manual

PDF manual available at Yamaha site

  • Review in "Keyboard magazine" Janfebmarch 198___
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