Smokers Delight
Sample CD collection (audio, rex, wav format)

A great sounding sample set that allows you to create great sounding laidback, slow, jazzy funky tunes.  Lovely breakbeats, super-warm (real) bass lines, delicious mute trumpets, jazz flute, percussion...

I really like this product, especially the drum and bass lines.  They are highly inspiring, super-groovy, and extremely well recorded and mastered.

Great for hip-hop, trip-hop, lounge, chillout etc.

Here's the factory demo

From the company's notes:

A massive 3 disc set: over 1 GigaByte of Loops & Samples in Wave, Rex2 & Audio!


AUDIO CD -73 minutes/1200 samples: Loungin MPC & turntable loops/phrases, loads of funky & dubby basses, jazzy horns & flutes, mellow guitars, vintage wurlitzers & rhodes, hiphop beats & cracklin' breaks. Possibly all you need to create that weed smokin, head-spinning, chill-out monster you always dreamed of.


CD ROM 1 (550 Mb/1500+ Samples): Here You get every single sound on the audio cd disc, plus an additional 300 loops & samples!! All intelligently grouped into two different formats: "Acidized" WAVE files & REX2 Loops (Reason, Cubase & Logic compatible).

First on the disc is the Tool-Box-Pacs: samples, loops, rex2 loops, drums, etc. All mixed/sorted for you to get things started fast. Loads of MPC & turntable phrases, bass riffs, horns, flutes, guitar licks, beats & breaks.

After that comes the Drum-Loop-Pacs: here you get every Loop in 3 different versions; The MPC programmed Loop, The Full Loop and then the Live Break. All versions can be used separately -or you can build your own version/mix by layering the MPC with the Break -in perfect sync!! But things do not stop here; also provided are the separate elements in a every DrumLoopPac (in both REX2 & Wave file format); the kick loop, the snare loop, the hihat loop, the break loop, etc. -all to help you mix, eq & compress it all to your own personal compound!!

The disc ends with MPC-Chords: a classic folder of MPC & Turntable manipulated, old school hiphop samples -gritty, funky and vibey!!


CD ROM 2 (570 Mb/1900+ Samples): This disc is the MASTERBLASTER -all 1900 loops & samples are sorted and intelligently grouped into three different types of folders (see below). Comes in "Acidized" WAVE files & REX2 Loops (Reason, Cubase, Logic, etc compatible).

How about 680+ music loops: guitar riffs, bass loops, horn licks, etc in three beat-matched bpm's (80-90-100) -but also in REX2 file format -the REX files usually have less EQ, Compression & FX -so you will be able to use the REX files even more creatively!!

Or 900+ single-shot samples: guitar & wurlitzer chords, basstones, FX, vocals and drums. All intelligently grouped into smart TC folders. Edited to load-up perfectly in your hungry sampler!!

Or 320+ REX2 drum loops: You want to work fast?, you want to be the beatmaster?, you want to build up own breaks from scratch? Here you get every single REX2 drum break from both CD ROMs sorted in separate folders (Kicks , Snare, Hihat etc.) All to help you make the drum loops interactive and creatively more useful. So finally -you will get all the tools you need to build that massively perfect break!!


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