SN-U110-02 Latin & F.X. Percussions
sound expansion card


I am very impressed by the quality of this card.  Sure, percussion is often easier to sample than other instruments, because the samples are "one-shot" and often there's no need to multisample, but this collection of Latin instruments is truly outstanding.

Interesting to note that many of these sounds can be found in the ROM of several Roland synths and modules in the 1990s - both the percussion and the f.x.

Roland SN-U110-02 Latin & F.X. Percussions audio demos


Stream all the  examples below as an .m3u playlist

Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 LATIN 1 A fantastic assortment of Latin percussion
002 LATIN 2 A few different samples
003 LATIN 3 A different layout
004 F.X. 1 Very good, "film-ready" special effects
005 F.X. 2 Variation
006 F.X. 3 Another variation
007 F.X. 4 Yet another variation
008 CONGA 1 Very realistic set of three congas
009 CONGA 2 Another very realistic set of three congas
010 CONGA 3 Muted congas
011 BONGO Cool bongos
012 CLAVES Nice clave patch
013 TIMBALE Exquisite timbales patch
014 TAMBOURINE Add more reverb and it's real
015 WOOD BLOCK Very good
016 WHISTLE Brazil
017 TRIANGLE Typical sound used in the '60s
018 BELLTREE Nice Roland sample that ended in many GM ROMs
019 JINGLEBELL Christmas time
020 VIBRASLAP Nicely sampled
022 MARACAS Cool maracas
023 AGOGO Variant 1
024 AGOGO 2 Variant 2
025 CUICA 1 More Brazil!!!
026 CUICA 2 Awesome patch, velocity-sensitive (switch two samples)
027 GUIRO 1 Realistic
028 GUIRO 2 This one too
029 GUIRO 3 This one three
030 BERIMBAU Yeah!
031 SHEKELE Nice, African sounding
032 STEEL DRUM Very realistic
033 LOG DRUM Hollow wood
034 ORCH HIT The classic sample heard all over the 90s
035 SIREN Nice
036 TYPE 1 The pre-computer era... a typewriter - this reminds me of one of the W-30's demo diskettes
037 TYPE 2 More typewriters
038 CLOCK What time is it??
039 PINBALL wizard
041 SMSH GLASS Excellent sound fx
042 REZNO Rez Noise - typical sample found in other Roland synths/samplers
043 EERIE Very nice reso analog synth - also a typical Roland sample
044 AMBIA JR Ambient jar?
045 TEMPLE BLK Nice temple block
046 ZING ! I love this instrument :-)
047 BOING ! Spring action
048 MOD ZAP More analog power
049 INTERFACE Fear the mad computer mainframe...
050 SCRATCH Typical record scratch
051 STAKE Tent is up
052 ZAPPU More reso filter goodness.