Sound Pool 5 Collection
Sample CD-ROM Set

5000 stereo samples in a nice set of 5 CD-ROMs, in standard .wav format:

From the original notes:

This is a cool set.  Reasonably priced, yet capable of professional results.  The sounds are sampled in stereo, with excellent, wide open imaging, and very well recorded.

Magix Sound Pool 5 Collection audio demos

A selection of audio demos from this excellent package:


CD1 - Strictly 80's  (demo: Lynn C04.wav  - a nice Linn drum loop)

CD2 - Disco House Vol. 2 (demo: Housy 1.wav - a pumping house groove)

CD3 - HipHop Vol. 3  (demo: Front B.wav - greasy hip hop loop)

CD4 - Techno/Trance Vol. 4  (demo: Arpy07.wav - a classic acid synth trance arpeggio line)

CD5 - Pop/Rock 2001  (demo: fast2.wav - very nice acoustic rhythm guitar pop loop)