SR-JV80-01 Pop
Sound Expansion Board


This is the first in the long line of expansion boards that Roland produced in the course of several years.  The SR-JV80- Pop expansion board came out at about the same time as Roland's JV-80 synthesizer and JV-880 module, and was designed to enhance those devices, thanks to new waveforms that were missing in their internal ROM.

The JV-80 and JV-880 only had room for one expansion board, but since the cards were successful, Roland started adding room for more than just only one - case in point, when they produced the incredibly successful module JV-1080 (that was considered and still is, an "industry standard for ROMplers"), they offered room for four expansion boards.  Just a few years later, Roland offered eight slots in their JV-2080, the successor to the 1080.

The Pop board is often underestimated because, being the first offered, contains waveforms that were added in the standard ROM of the instruments that followed, and people who own later models such as JV-1080, XP-80 and JV-2080 don't think they need "more of the same" bread and butter sounds: but even if that's the case, this board contains certain waves and patches that are not available anywhere else.

"Pop" is the name of this wave expansion board, and certainly it does a good job of providing all the staple instruments used in pop, such as pianos, bass, organs, saxophones, choirs and strings.  It's also noteworthy the addition of a few waveforms in D-50 style, brief attack of very characteristic sounds, such as breathy flutes, pads, even PWM waveforms - from which to start molding your sounds.

Even though this board doesn't receive the acclaim of other more famous boards in this series - i.e., the Session, Orchestral, Vintage or '60s & '70s, it still is a valid tool for any musician who owns one of the JV/XP series of instruments.

Roland SR-JV80-01 Pop audio demos in mp3


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Patch name with audio demo My Comments

001 770 Grand 1

Gorgeous concert grand piano in stage setting.  770 refers to Roland's then top-of-the-line sampler, the S-770.  The waveforms used for this patch were probably taken by samples developed for the 770.

002 MIDI 3 Grand

Beautiful example of the "LA piano", a mix between acoustic and FM electric piano.  Definitely a staple of pop ballads.

004 60s E.Piano

A nice Wurli

006 Pop Rhodes

Sparkly Fender Rhodes with plenty of nice effects

009 Clav 1 x4

Superb Hohner Clavinet patch!

012 Ballad Org.1

Charming, clean Hammond patch - several of these types of organ waveforms were contained in the standard ROM of later XP/JP instruments.

014 Stereo Organ

Nice Leslie effect, in stereo

015 Jazz Organ 3

Nice and woody

019 60s Organ x4

Classic Vox/Farfisa

020 Pipe Organ 4

Nice.  The aftertouch controls the volume.

021 Church

Stupendous preset!  Mixes the pipe organ with the new choir waveforms of this board.

024 Snow Bells

Reminds of early sampled sounds in the 80s.

025 Ac.Bass 1

Accurate and warm sampled jazz contrabass

030 Jazz Bass

Classic Jaco Pastorius style fretless Fender Jazz bass sound

036 Bassic House

Based on the new synth saw waveforms, a classic House bass

039 Sync Bass

Interesting synth bass

042 Super Nylon

Outstanding classical guitar!

043 Jazz Guitar

Warm hollow body

047 Banjo 1

Very nice, very nice...

057 Shakupeace

Here we start with the more esoteric sounds... this Shakuhachi would work well for New Age

058 Cimbalom 1

I love the sound of this instrument

059 Sanza 1

aka Mbira

061 Praying Monk

Cool velocity programming, great for ethnic styles

063 Ravi Sitar

A nod to the sitar's most noted performer, Ravi Shankar

064 Mystic Mount

More ethnic goodness from this board

066 Virtuoso Vln

Very expressive, useful for many genres

068 Contra Bass

Extremely accurate sampling

071 New Strings

Nice attack

073 Jazzy Flute

One of the best sounds on this board!!!  A classic breathy jazz flute

075 Clarinet

Hypnotic clarinet

083 Turbo Tenor

Very clean, inspired, and realistic

084 Baritone Sax


091 BigBandBrass

Very powerful!

097 Harmonica Sw

Classic cowboy campfire sounds

099 Accordian 2

An excellent accordion

100 Blade Runner

More special fx, this time they took inspiration from the movie Blade Runner

101 Mondo Chord1

Huge and powerful!!!

105 Gladiators

Martial synth

106 Enniumill

Millennium synth - beautiful, with an excellent filter sweep

107 Vaseline 1

Gorgeous new age pad, with crystals floating all around

112 JV Vektors

Incredible patch inspired by the famed Korg Wavestation, this is a beautiful, evolving pad that brings in and morphs sound elements.

122 Starry Night

Classic Fairlight style vox pad

126 Solo MonoFXM

Amazing synth solo that utilizes Roland's FXM

128 Cubic Lead

Lead from 808 State's classic song?

133 Poly Synth

Solid, fat poly, very 1980s

138 Hadees Hiway

Ominous fx pad

140 ImperialSwrd

Star Wars sounds

142 House Drums

Typical early 90s drums, plus Tablas


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