SR-JV80-03 Piano
Expansion board

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  The SR-JV80-03 "Piano" expansion board was the third in the Roland SR-JV80-series of expansion boards for the XP/JV synthesizers.

The Piano board features 111 patches of well-recorded exemplars of grand, upright, electric pianos, and a collection of other keyboards.

Great importance is given to the programming of each patch, to make the sounds very playable and expressive.

Patches range from the very-classical to the very-pop, and many of them benefit from generous doses of reverb and other effects - courtesy of the XP/JV series sound engine that typically sports the high-quality Roland FX processor.

This board is perfect if you write pop, ballads, new age, jazz, and classical - and any other genre that requires realistic piano and keyboard sounds.


Roland SR-JV80-03 Piano audio demos


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Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 Grand Piano1 Standard grand piano, with a nice room reverb
003 Grand Piano2 Great-sounding, intimate, classical grand piano patch... superb
004 Grand Piano3 Distant, classical piano sound - cool for avant-garde music :-)
011 Grandioso Another nice variation on the classical piano sound - Good for soundtracks.
012 Euro Piano Very nice and expressive piano, suitable for jazz and other styles.
014 Pop Piano 1 Lots of reverb
019 RD A.Piano1A Beautiful piano taken from the super-classic RD-1000 Roland stage piano
021 SA Piano 1 Another strong variation of the RD-1000, S.A. Structured Adaptive synthesis Roland pianos
030 E.Grand 2 Superb! The famous Yamaha CP-70/80 series of electro-acoustic pianos
034 Whirly Piano Cool Wurlitzer electric
036 Wurly Trem Nice variant with fast tremolo
039 Dyno Oz Full and nice
041 Rhodes 66 Intimate Fender Rhodes
047 DynoRhodes 2 Beautiful Rhodes electric piano with the famous "Dyno-My-Piano" modification of the early 1980s - and its typical ballad sparkle
053 RD Rhodes 1 Excellent Rhodes done via SA synthesis on the Roland RD series.  Very expressive.
058 BeautyRhodes Very nice Yamaha FM type of electric piano
062 Rhodes X Variation of the above - ballad 101
068 Piano Pad A very typical and useful combo.
072 Vox Piano 2 Nice and different...
085 Klavdom 2 Super cool Clavinet patch
089 Morning Mist Outstanding Roland special fx pad :-)
091 Clavi Lead Super bad ;-)
093 Eclipse New Age power



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