SR-JV80-05 World
Expansion board

  Number five in Roland's large sound library for JV/XP instruments, the "World" expansion board is dedicated to sounds, instruments, loops and musical effects from all around our planet.

The board opens with the spectacular "World Tour!", a spectacular offering of loops from different continents, and from there, it's a wild ride between Africa, Asia, the Americas, and even a little bit of Europe and Australia.

The loops sound absolutely authentic, as I'm sure many of them were recorded on location.  There are also a few patches that "mix and match" the loops to create new, original ones (how's a Brazilian cuica on top of a Moroccan loop?).

Another great thing about this board is the creative use of digital effects to augment - and in several cases, create new - instruments and loops.  Several "ambient patches" are based upon the ethnic samples in ROM, but sound like they came out from something like Spectrasonics' "Distorted Reality".

The single instruments are also great fun to play, and using the pitch bender and modulation wheel is possible to mimic quite well the sonic character of the original instruments.

Finally, a few surprises at the end, where we even meet the dinosaurs at Dinosaur Park ;-)


Roland SR-JV80-05 World audio demos in mp3


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Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 World Tour! An exciting trip through the world, these are useful loops to have in the sample library
003 Yoh-How Excellent recording quality, in surround, it feels like being there with them stomping our feet
004 Kenya Split Cool loop and nice instrument
005 Intar Melody Nice hypnotic instrument
007 Thumb Chimes Beautiful sound.
008 Velo Afro 1 Superb velocity switching
015 Udu Pot Menu Very realistic clay drums
024 Pure Balafon Very well-sampled balafon, an African type of xylophone
027 Angklungs Cool Indonesian instrument
030 Steel Drums2 The classic Caribbean instrument
035 Kawala Str Deep atmospheric strings.
037 Shakupad Nice hybrid patch based on the shakuhachi
043 Eastvox Nice
044 Black Rain Excellent, ambient patch
049 Conch Call Great sound
051 Space Pipe Cool and sci-fi
053 Asian Chord Ambient
059 Whistle Vox Nice cross between a whistle and the classic Fairlight syn vox
060 Living Dead Scary :-0
063 Drop of Rain Expressive
067 Pandoras Box Superb sound effect, great for sci-fi themes
068 Ethno Dreams Another beautiful ambient/new age patch
072 Trade Winds Incredibly beautiful plucked atmospheric sound
077 Gong Menu A lot of gongs
083 Temple Metal Tibetan prayer bells and bowls
087 Gamelan x4 Enchanting, classic Indonesian gamelan ensemble
095 Rama Cymbals Nice Indian small cymbals
101 Shakueko Ambient version of the classic Japanese shakuhachi flute.
105 Zampona Typical Latin American pan flute (zampoņa)
115 Ocarina 3 Beautiful ocarina
117 Kawala I think this is an African flute but I'm not sure.
127 C Shell+echo Nice conch shell through delay
129 Afroharp Arq More ambient goodness
131 Koto Stupendous Japanese koto
136 Shamisen Beautiful shamisen, again a Japanese instrument
141 ChineseOrch2 Superb rendition of a Chinese orchestral ensemble
142 Euro Zither I'm playing the classic theme from "The Third Man" for this zither example
146 Cimbalom Cool cimbalom patch - an Eastern-European instrument similar to the dulcimer.
147 Brt.Dulcimer Bright dulcimer, nice.
152 Cavaquinho Superb cavaquinho, a sort of small guitar used in Brazilian music
153 Oud Enchanting oud, staple instrument of Middle-Eastern music, similar to a lute.
162 Ethnic VLNx3 Nice Chinese violin
165 Erhu Lead Another great Chinese instrument similar to the violin
167 Mosque Reeds Cool Middle-Eastern reed instruments
170 Mizmar Perfect for belly dancing
171 Shahnai The classic North Indian instrument (also spelled shenai, shehnai)
174 Bagpipes Scotland, here we come.
176 Egypt Tablah Superb Egyptian drum loops
186 Sitarchestra More India goodness
187 Ravis Axe Outstanding sitar
188 Passag2India Deep meditation
193 Sitar Gliss Nice
195 Tamb. Drone Nice tambura
197 Tribe Switch INCREDIBLE patch, super-fun to play, and so expressive!  The percussion patch king.
205 Shaker Menu Lots of them.
207 Cowbell Menu Yep
214 Rain Stick A bit short
216 BellsOfSarna Beautiful bells from India
220 Comb.Loop 4 One of the excellent combined loops (made from different ethnic loops).
224 2Bar Loop 1 Another great combo loop
226 2Bar Loop 3 And another one.
230 Bushroot Australian Outback!
233 Didgeridoo The famous Australian instrument - one of the funkiest (I have one :-)
236 Ethno Bass 2 Modernized ethnicity.
242 JawHarp Menu Nice jaw harp
245 Zaghruta Cool vocalizations
248 PlayLoHi F#m :-) this reminds me of an obscure '70s tv serial called "Orzowei".
249 Going Deep Down in the sea
252 DinosaurPark :-)
001 JV rhythm Very useful rhtyhm patch, perfect to create ethnic rhythm tracks.



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