SR-JV80-07 Super SoundSet
Expansion board


Number seven in the long (19 cards) run of expansion boards that Roland produced for the JV/XP series of synthesizers.

This board is based on all the waveforms , patches and rhythm sets originally provided on cards 01 through 08 in the SO-PCM1 series sound library (except for the 04), but also includes completely new patches created  by combining the use of multiple SO-PCM1 series cards.

It's a rather conventional card, with many piano, guitar, organ, harpsichord patches that lend themselves well to classical, baroque and medieval music.



Roland SR-JV80-07 Super Sound Set audio demos in mp3


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Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 Ac.Piano 1 A lovely, expressive grand piano
008 Dusty Piano Incredibly melancholic upright, deliciously out of tune
009 NewAge Piano Beautiful, meditative patch.
012 E.Grand mod The classic Yamaha CP-70/80
019 Tremolo EP Classy crystal pop Rhodes
030 Hps Front 1 Realistic harpsichord
044 Medieval Ens Charming sounds
045 Baroque Ens. Cool
046 '60 CompKlav Excellent use of filters
049 Org Flutes 1 Perfect for Renaissance music
050 Org Flutes 2 Another fantastic organ patch
057 1001 Nights Cool middle eastern instrument
062 into Dream Soft, cloud-like pad
070 Steel there! Very nice acoustic 6-string
078 Pedal Steel1 Good tone
089 Blues Guitar Perfectly simulated
101 Clean Pick 2 Telecaster
103 Phase Guitar '70s guitar
115 Mandolins Beautiful mandolin ensemble, very melancholic sound.
119 ResonatorGt3 Cool dobro patch.
127 Musette tun Charming musette sample.
131 Master2 A very good accordion.
153 Fiddle About Realistic especially in the higher notes.
158 Tremolo 2 Nice orchestra performing tremolo technique
164 Recorder 1T Incredible patch, very realistic and woody.
168 Fr'm Scotlnd Outstanding emulation of bagpipes.
169 Soft Sax Nice and muted.
173 Trombone Classic trombone, very realistic.
182 Brass Sect 2 Brassy
190 Jazz Quartet Very 60s spy-movie ;-)
203 S.JV Marine Beautiful reverberated pad
205 Cosmic Vox Perfect for scoring the sequel to "Blade Runner"
208 Cosmic Echo Cool echoed synth
209 She does ... The more you press, the more interesting it gets
217 Blue Mist Very nice fluffy pad
218 Trailer Pipe New Age meets dance
222 Deep Cave Cool ambient fx
236 OrchGlissMaj Perfect sample
244 Harp 9thScrl One just has to love a harp
248 Drum Set 1 1980s, including gong
252 Drum Set 5 hard rock
008 Drum Set 8 nice 808 plus all kinds of funky sounds!


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