SR-JV80-09 Session
Expansion board

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  Quality, not quantity, is the focus of number nine in the Roland SR-JV80-series of expansion boards for the XP/JV synthesizer family.

The "Session" board contains a selected choice of great-sounding waveform perfect for a variety of genres - from a superb grand piano, to silky strings, powerful brass and realistic saxophones, from ice-melting pads to sci-fi special effects, to punchy drums and jazz, blues, country guitars... and even a plethora of electronic dance sounds.

This is one of the more popular boards, and a valid addition if you have a slot available in your synth - It is a bit like a "jack of all trades", but excels in various areas for producing realistic music.


Check out the audio demos below to see what this card can do.


Roland SR-JV80-09 Session audio demos


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Patch name  with audio demo My comments
001 St.Concert A notable improvement on the stock piano in the ROM of the XP / JV synthesizers
004 Euro Classic Very nice, intimate and warm piano patch, suitable for romantic, classical styles
007 LA Session Typical Los Angeles session piano mix between acoustic and FM piano
012 Vienna Strgs Realistic and happy string ensemble
014 Oct Strings Expressive and very, very warm string orchestra
019 Str+Choir 1 Realistic and useful mix of strings and choir
020 Str+Choir 2 with the "mmmm" sample
024 Mmmms Very nice humming choir
030 Mysteriouso Vapor mysterious pad
032 AmbientStory Beautiful Roland ambiance pad
034 SessionBrass Superb, expressive brass ensemble, perfect for jazz/big band
040 Soft Saxes Nice saxophone section, realistic
044 Legato Tpt Okay trumpet
047 Super Tenor Marvelous tenor saxophone, with the right amount of "bite"
050 Legato Flute Ok
058 Cosmic Flute Mellotron'ish
060 Paris 50's Realistic and warm button accordion
069 Solo Nylon 2 Soft, intimate nylon string guitar
073 Stratar Classic Fender Stratocaster guitar emulation
074 Clean Tele Nice Fender Telecaster guitar patch
075 Nashville Typical twangy guitar tone
078 Duanne'sTone Typical Duanne Eddy style country rock guitar, with tremolo
081 Crunch Tone Nice overdrive
088 Velo Power Muted-string hits
094 Rock P.Bass3 Useful Fender Precision bass
101 Slobbery Bs Mega-distorted techno bass, analog
106 Bad Acid Bs Cool acid bass
111 Celestial Sugary pad
112 Heavenly Eko Love that delay going
118 DelaySession Expertly programmed, intriguing pad
123 Dope Resoclv Filtery
127 Isn't Pretty No, it's not :-)
130 Trangoa Wave Trance / Goa syn lead
137 Rave Slice Typical '90s rave lead
144 Dance Stack 1 Superb synth-stack, perfect for Euro-Dance
148 DanceStack 5 Same as above
154 PortaSynthex Powerful portamento and filter
162 Raver Circus Another classic early '90s rave type sound
172 On the move! Stupendous moving synth, with filter opening and closing at the just-right frequencies
177 Combing Slow Outstandingly beautiful warm analog pad, with plenty of phaser action
184 Sweep Stack Fantastic flanged pad
185 Big Vectors Vector sound
191 Juno-60 Pad Nice Roland Juno-60 type pad
194 Atlantis 2 Superb underwater soft pad
196 Plutonium Big pad
201 Shining Veil Sci-fi & ambient
209 Wormy Lead Classic mono '70s lead synth
215 Dirty Lead Curiously digital-meets-analog
222 Rich Vibes Nice and relaxed vibraphone
227 Creation Majestic and hypnotic synth pad / fx
237 DEMO SynPuls Subtle but nice
239 DEMO Choir Realistic
245 DEMO PhaseGt Typical early '80s guitar sound
249 DEMO SlapBs Slap bass
252 DEMO SynLead Very Fusion like
255 DEMO Crowd Yep
001 SessionSet 1 Well-sampled drum kit (Rhythm channel 10)
003 SessionSet 3 Tight snare
004 SessionSet 4 Typical 909-type patch
006 SessionSet 6 Super-cool Hip-Hop meets Techno kit



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