SR-JV80-11 Techno Collection
Expansion board

  Here's number 11 in the vast SR-JV80-series of Roland expansion boards.

This board is obviously catered to producing classic, 1990s Techno music, but - as the subtitle implies - is also very useful for Jungle, Drum 'n' Bass, Ambient, Acid-House, Trance, Gabba, Industrial... and more.

This is really a solid offering from Roland, and if you dig deep, you'll find that this board is really good for a myriad of other genres besides the ones listed above...

The board opens with a series of superbly-produced loops... many of them also have synths programmed on top of the loops... it's easy to play along in an arrangement, and they can be synched to MIDI tempo.

There is a vast offering of incredibly beautiful pads, and the TB-303 emulations are also in abundance, and realistic enough to base a tune upon.  Bass patches abound, and synthesizer patches come in much variety... in solo, and ensemble versions.

The special fx patches also do a great job of emulating analog synths... and as usual with Roland, switch to MIDI channel 10, and you will find a superb selection of all the drum kits you need to produce electronica.  The kits sound really great, and hardly need to be tweaked to sit in the mix.


Roland SR-JV80-11 Techno Collection audio demos in mp3


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Patch name with audio demo My comments

001 Teknoperator

A superbly powerful Techno loop, with Kraftwerk-style vocoder vocals.

002 Transmission

Nice Trancey arrangement, liquid synth.

004 Dirty Jungle

Classic '90s Jungle/D 'n' B, with obligatory sine sub-bass.

007 Tribal House

Fast House loop, Tribal style.

010 Double Dutch

Dirty and aggressive

012 Chillout :-)

Beautiful arrangement, laidback loop, and mega-cool synth

015 Hit House

Triggers horn hits.

020 Crossfader

Groovy and bumpy

023 Under Ether

Atmospheric ambient-dance.

027 Phrase Menu

Marvelous collection of all loops on this board.

028 Cyber-Trance

Beautiful gated-arpeggio synth, perfect for Trance

030 Etherality

Stupendous pad, note the powerful filter opening.

036 Ambient S-H

Nice and ambient sample-and-hold pad

038 Big Blue

Deep atmospheric pad

039 TeeBee V-Sw

Roland's classic TB-303.  Velocity-switch adds typical overdrive.

046 TB Saw Bass

Sweet TB-303, set at saw waveform.

049 TB Square 2

Nice TB-303 with typical glide, set as square waveform.

052 Solid Bass 2

Nice synth bass that reminds of Yamaha 4-operator FM synths.

057 Gate Me Buzz

Nice filter-velo action.

061 Housy Bella

Very nice vibrato bass that also works as lead synth.

068 Cyber Bass

Typical Roland "squiggly" bass.

072 SquelchyBass

Sounds surprisingly analog.

074 Compu Bass

Reminiscent of Roland's own SH-101.

076 VocoBass

Reminds of certain sounds used by French band "Air".

077 Vocoder Menu

A full patch dedicated to vocoder sounds, probably obtained from Roland vocoders.

082 Talk Box 1

Guttural fun.

085 Artificial

Nice synthesized vox.

088 ARPsychea

Marvelous synthesizer... probably inspired by the character of older ARP instruments.

094 SquareKeys 2

Another great-sounding, spacious square-wave synth.

095 Pure Sine

The purest waveform of them all.

101 Retro Party

This reminds suspiciously of the synth used by Daft Punk in "Around The World".

102 Rave Nature

Typical '90s Techno-Rave sound

105 Phenomena

Soft hoover type sound.

107 Euro-Dance 1

Typical '90s Euro saw.

113 Rave Station

Modern and interesting lead synth.

116 Igor Circus

Very famous mid-'90s lead synth, used in House.

119 JP Velo-Saw

Warm Roland filtered synth

125 Earblower


127 Stalactica

Beautiful and majestic ambient-tronica pad.

131 Banded Jupe

Excellent Jupiter synth passed through a band-pass filter

132 Killer Pad

Gorgeous mega-pad

133 Mystic Pad


134 D-Mention

Superb filtered pad, cutoff controlled by mod wheel/joystick.

135 X-hale

Lush pad.

136 Sirena

Cool pad, with sirens.

138 Warmer Pad

Beautiful, pensive pad, perfect for moody soundtracks.

142 Dense Floor

Mega-ravishing analog pad, bathed appropriately in reverb.

143 SecretMelody

Awesome, lush pad... the high resonance provides the secret melody.

144 Vaporish

Steamy and jingly pad

150 JP-6 Stack

Nice Jupiter-6 impression.

155 Analog Flute

Classic electronic sound often used in the '70s Cosmic Music.

157 Classy Pulse

Nice velocity action.

162 Mr.Raw SAW

Powerful and raw

164 Dirty Lead 2

Classic early 1990s Techno lead.

173 Oldies Organ


178 Dream Organ

The classic Robert Miles' "Children" sound.

182 Techno Pizz

Very popular electronic sound in mid-'90s dance.

185 Sleepless

Inspired by groundbreaking song "Insomnia", by British group Faithless

192 Garage Chord

More '90s classics.

199 Maxi Fuzzy !

Warm and nice

203 Predator

Naughty, very naughty!

214 Tonal Tension

Great filter action.

224 GTR Power 1

Even a little bit of electric guitar is thrown in.

232 Metal Dream


233 System D


235 Industrial

Raw and rhythmic

236 Tranceporter

Very cool sci-fi sound fx

242 Trance Chime


247 Ayers Rock

Nice rhythmic synth

248 Altern Saw

Nice, reminds me of the sound used by Benny Benassi.

250 Cold JX

Nice and digital, taken from Roland's JX-series

256 Good Bye Spk

001 TR-909 SET The classic Techno/Trance/Dance drum machine.
002 TR-808 SET The classic Pop/Electro/Rap/Hip-Hop drum machine.
003 TR-606 SET The 808's cousin.
006 Jungle SET Classic Jungle/Drum & Bass kit.
007 Gabba SET Typical Gabber kit.
008 Indust.SET Typical Industrial set.



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