SR-JV80-14 World Collection Asia
Expansion board

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  "Asia" is number fourteen in the Roland SR-JV80-series of expansion boards for the XP/JV synthesizers.

This board features many sounds from several countries in Asia - China, India, Japan, Korea and Indonesia.  These samples are excellently recorded and include percussion, strings, winds, special fx, and even loops of real instruments played by local musicians.

The percussion patches are particularly impressive, with much expressivity and "impact", but the strings and winds are equally well-programmed and impressive-sounding.

Together with the "World" collection, also in the SR-JV80 series, this card is a must have if you play ethnic/world styles, or if you produce New Age/Ambient, soundtracks, documentary music "bed" etc.


Check out the audio demos below to see what this card can do.


Roland SR-JV80-14 World Collection Asia audio demos


Stream all mp3 examples below

Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 Asia Phrase Incredible trip through the Asian region
002 TablaBy Menu Great-sounding tablas, straight from India
005 Gamelan Menu The classic Indonesian orchestra
007 ChinaPrcMenu Well-recorded Chinese percussion
010 Sitar w-Drn Ravi Shankar in-a-box
012 Sitar Guru Nice round sitar tone
020 St.Santur The Indian zither
026 Santur Trem with tremolo...
027 Dusty Room Superb middle-eastern sounding instrument, extremely dissonant
029 Chung Ruan Beautiful Chinese plucks
038 Chung Gang Nice
039 St.PiPa Beautiful tone
050 Gu Zheng Pik Realistic
056 YangQin Pick Classic Chinese sound
059 Ricelands Nice, ambiental
064 Er Hu Solo The famous Chinese violin
071 India SoloFl Not quite as haunting as - say - a large bansuri can be, but very nice tonality.
077 Qu Di Vibro Nice
080 Bang Di Blow Smooth flute tone
082 Flute&Acomp. Incredibly beautiful, hypnotic, haunting patch setup.
095 Suona VSw Ok
101 St.Jegogan Nice mallet work
105 Gamelan Orch Clean, nice
113 Pemade Cool tuned percussion
123 Temple Bell Beautiful
126 China Gong Powerful gong
135 AsianFantasy Nice comp synth
144 Monsoon Superb programming that opens and closes the envelope according to velocity
161 ChansFunHous Fun
174 WindEnsemble Nice
177 Twilight Warm pad
178 Sacred Glass Perfect ambient pad
188 Slo Eastspin yep.
192 Phantom Pad Nice
204 SoundChaser Different
218 Tolls Outstanding :-)
226 By The Sea Lochness
238 BigBazar VSw at the market
001 India Set Excellent rhythm set
006 PopAsiaSet 1 Nice
008 TeknoAsiaSet Superb 808 bass



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