SR-JV80-15 Special FX Collection
Sound Expansion Board

This wave expansion board for Roland JV/XP synthesizers was a collaborative effort between Roland and Spectrasonics.  Many waveforms on this board are selected from Spectrasonics' best-selling CD-ROM "Distorted Reality" - originally a Roland S-series sampler format CD-ROM, that was also produced in Akai/E-mu, and audio.


The focus of this card is obviously on sound effects, ambient, nature, and all kinds of weird, hyper-processed sounds that evolve nicely, and mutate wildly with the use of aftertouch, sliders and wheels.

The quality of the samples is - as usual with Roland and Spectrasonics - outstanding, and many of the sounds lend themselves to being successfully used as Wavestation-like, shimmering, moving pads - even when they were not exactly designed to be used as such.

SR-JV80-15 Sound FX Collection audio demos in mp3


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Patch name with audio demo

My Comments

001 - Siren Song

Beautiful otherworldly soundscape.  Sirens calling in the distance.

004 - Cobra

Techno lead that moves fast, like a snake

005 - UfoNatrStudy

The deep jungle of Uranus

007 - Squalid

The zombies are upset

009 - Orcafreq

Great filtering effect

014 - Milky Way

Superb analog whistle lead playing in a forgotten universe

018 - Final Sting

Perfect for dramatic scores

020 - Snowdrop

Beautiful evolving pad, very vector like

021 - Sandstorm

Incredibly defined lows, massive sound fx

025 - Toadstool

Froggy synth

030 - NY Escape

Inspired from the famous soundtrack to "Escape from New York" maybe?

032 - Mothership

Typical U.F.O. effect

033 - Real Angel

The angels laugh in the background

039 - Amazon

Fantastic nature pad

044 - Transolians

Another great sounding vector pad - the mod wheel changes the sound drastically

050 - Space Plane

Marvelous and hypnotic vox pad!

065 - Romulus

Nice pulsating sci-fi synthesizer

070 - 4th of July

More analog echoed goodies.  Reminds me of the beginning of Depeche Mode's "Blasphemous Rumours"

072 - UnderWater

Perfect for James Bond movies special effects

081 - MaidenVoyage

The Goddess of the Frozen Lake is speaking

088 - Secret Place

Very nice Asian ambience

100 - Spocks Brain

Perfect sci-fi effects

114 - Abduction 99

More alien atmospheres

124 - Heaven&Hell

Incredible evil sounds :-)

125 - 13th Floor

Scary movie synth pad

127 - Funky Trent

Excellent funky synth

129 - Procession

Beautiful pad, serene and anxious at the same time

136 - Tomitoes

Super cool '70s analog synthesizer split, inspired by Tomita.

145 - Real Distort

Spectacular hyper-mega distorted sound

153 - Terra Firma

Excellent for documentaries and alternative movies

154 - PromisedLand

Paradise synth

158 - Bubblin'Over

Classic filter L.F.O. synth

180 - Ghost Train

Great train special fx

188 - Heat Seeker

Incredible sound design

200 - Heavy Hit 2

Powerful war effects

213 - Amb Menu

The Ambient Menu - a selection of sounds per each key

239 - Fireworks

Very realistic!

254 - Fall Down

Classic rise and fall synth

256 - SFX Menu

The Special Effects menu - tends on the horror side of things

001 - Sci-fi Set

Cool drum set with plenty of sci-fi samples assigned to the upper keys.

008 - Radical Set

Nice drum set, the samples have been filtered and tweaked to great effect.


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